GO customers unloading from the special bike coaches on a Niagara GO Train

Metrolinx updating bike policy and adding more room for bikes

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  • Metrolinx updating bike policy and adding more room for bikes


Metrolinx is building additional bike coaches and updating policy to make transit safer for everyone.

March 25 – Metrolinx is making room for more bikes due to increased demand for bicycle and e-bike transport on the GO Train network.

One of the ways the transit agency making customer commutes safer and more convenient is by building eight additional designated bike coaches. That’s more than double the current number of bike coaches in the fleet. Once in service, the new bike coaches will provide additional capacity on the Kitchener Line, as well as seasonal service on weekend Lakeshore West trips to Niagara Falls. One bike coach is deployed per train trip.

The new coaches can hold up to 22 bikes, as well as additional seating for customers.  

Updated bike policy

In addition to adding new bike coaches, Metrolinx is updating the bike policy to ensure trains, buses and stations are safe for everyone.

Part of the updated policy will require all e-bike batteries to meet standard UL or CE requirements and there must be no physical damage to the battery case or warranty seal.

GO Transit staff are inspecting all e-bikes and attaching tamper-proof seals to those that meet the new safety requirements.

Head to the GO Transit website to read the full policy.

Enforcement of the updated bike policy will start on April 9.

GO Transit staff will be on hand to help customers board safely by educating customers on the updated policy, directing customers to dedicated bike coaches, helping disperse bikes evenly across all train coaches and ensuring bikes do not exceed capacity limits.

Bike Coach new design

A look inside one of the newly built GO Train bike coach with a new layout to fit more bikes. (Metrolinx image)

Bike safety reminders

Metrolinx is reminding customers to never ride bikes or e-bikes inside GO stations or on platforms. Here are some additional reminders about travelling with a bike or e-bike.

  • The transit agency asks customers not bring a bicycle onboard weekday trains arriving at Union Station from 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. and departing Union Station from 3:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.
  • On board regular GO Train coaches, a maximum of two bikes can be stored in each designated bicycle zone
  • Always remain with your bicycle while on-board GO trains and do not block doorways, stairwells, or aisles
  • E-bike batteries must be removed before storing bikes on GO bus racks and brought onboard the bus.

For accredited journalists, you can contact our media team at mediarelations@metrolinx.com.

For customers, please visit Metrolinx – Contact Us to contact the customer service team.