Metrolinx announces partnership with MagnusCards

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  • Metrolinx announces partnership with MagnusCards


A digital accessibility tool providing individuals with independence while navigating transit.

Metrolinx is partnering with MagnusCards to offer step-by-step digital guides that help individuals with autism or neurodiversity navigate PRESTO, UP Express, and the GO Transit network.  

Starting Dec. 6, there will be 22 Metrolinx digital card decks – or guides – available on the MagnusCards app, covering topics such as travelling on transit, using a PRESTO card, ticket purchasing, checking schedules and trip planning.  

MagnusCards were designed to help remove barriers that affect an individual’s ability to thrive in the world and to help make experiences at home and in the community easier to navigate independently.

Through visual cues, audio and text-based instructions, these step-by-step guides help users familiarize themselves with everyday activities to encourage and build confidence and comfort at participating in the community and developing life skills. 


The app is free to download in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.  

The Metrolinx, GO Transit, UP Express and PRESTO MagnusCards are located within the travel category of the MagnusCards App.  

Metrolinx is working to reduce barriers on transit, making it safer, easier and more convenient to travel throughout the region.  

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