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Major vehicle testing milestone on Finch West LRT

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  • Major vehicle testing milestone on Finch West LRT


Light rail vehicles travel along the entire Finch West route for the first time.

May 23 - Significant progress and construction milestones continue to take place for the Finch West LRT project.

The most recent and notable being the first ever test trip by Finch West LRT vehicles across the full alignment, with trains being able to safely reach speeds of up to 60 km/h.

This is a major milestone which brings the Finch West LRT closer to completion and opening.

What else goes on during vehicle testing?

Crews are looking at a wide variety of systems and functions including how the vehicle moves, how communications systems perform, doors opening and closing properly, overhead electrical connectivity, and power transfers, as well as seeing how the vehicles perform while accelerating and braking.

Testing a light rail vehicle on the Finch West LRT

Testing a light rail vehicle on the Finch West LRT. (Metrolinx photo)

More milestones and progress

On top of vehicle testing, a lot of exciting progress is happening on this project.

• The overhead catenary systems providing power to the line along with rail is completed

• All 116 pedestrian canopies have been installed with the finishing touches being put on each stop

• The full fleet of 18 light rail vehicles have been delivered to site and are currently being housed at the maintenance and storage facility

Safety during vehicle testing

With testing and commissioning ramping up, residents and commuters will notice an increase in light rail vehicle traffic across the Finch West LRT route.

During testing, there will be extra police officers and construction crews to assist with traffic flow to allow the trains to move through intersections safely, as well as assisting with pedestrian traffic.

More safety info to keep in mind:

• Please don’t enter the track area on foot, with a bike or when driving – it’s prohibited at all times

• Wait until an oncoming light rail vehicle clears the intersection before crossing

• While the vehicles are being tested, their doors will be opening and closing, similar to regular operations. Please do not board a transit vehicle during testing.

What’s Next?

Progress continues at both Humber College and Finch West Stations. Stay tuned for more updates on these stations and the entire Finch West LRT project.

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