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Partial closure of the indoor walkway on the west side of Bay at Union Station

New pedestrian bridge is being built during the temporary closure.

Nov 21, 2022

A portion of the indoor walkway on the west side of Bay Street (also known as the Bay West Teamway) is temporarily closed for construction.

To maintain safety while crews build the footings for a future pedestrian bridge that will cross over Bay Street, access has been restricted.

Many other entrances to Union Station remain open.

If walking south on Bay Street from Front Street, please use the side entrance of Union Station—just past the set of outdoor stairs.

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How to reach train platforms: 

  • All platforms can be accessed from inside Union Station
  • Platforms 4–13 and 20–21 can also be accessed from the indoor walkway on the east side of Bay Street (Bay East Teamway)

When going from Union Station to Bay Street:

  • If heading north towards Front Street, please use the Bay Street Promenade doors (near Sephora, just south of the TTC).
  • If going south, towards Lake Ontario, please use the doors at the south end of the Bay Concourse (just north of Scotiabank Arena). 

The elevator in the indoor walkway on the west site of Bay Street is also out of service during construction.

Alternate elevators are available in the Great Hall on the north side of the station and in the Scotiabank Arena on the south side of the station.

Another accessible route is available on the west side of Bay, just south of Front and north of the indoor walkway closure, which leads to the Bay Promenade. From there, an elevator across from Sephora leads to the Bay Concourse.

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For pedestrians on the west side of Bay Street, the sidewalk between Front Street and Lake Shore Boulevard West remains fully open.

The north side of Bay West Teamway is expected to remain closed until early 2023.

Once the full construction project is complete, a new pedestrian bridge will connect Union Station to 141 Bay Street, Bay East Teamway and Union Station Bus Terminal.

Head to the Union Station webpage for more information on construction.

by Mike Winterburn Metrolinx communications senior advisor