An accessible route between GO and TTC is now open at Union Station. Get all the details.

New accessible route between GO & TTC now open

An accessible route between GO and TTC is now open at Union Station. Get all the details.

Feb 26, 2020

This way please.

Habits are being redrawn for many transit users making their way through busy Union Station lately.

The City of Toronto has opened up a new accessible route between GO and TTC areas at the Toronto central transit hub – featuring access to elevators and new escalators.

New signage is helping passengers make the change, along with staff helping to direct people, but we thought you’d also like to see some visual cues of what to expect if you’re making your way from one system to the other.

Here’s a bit of a picture primer – and as always, patience is appreciated as improvements are being made.

the walkway blocked off.

The ‘moat’ route – the open-air walkway between GO Transit and the TTC – has been shut down. (Thane Burnett photo)

A GO Transit staff member points the way to the new route.

Staff are on hand to guide travellers. This is the area leading out to the ‘moat’ walkway, where there was once a small Tim Hortons kiosk. (Thane Burnett photo)

Travellers go down the stairs and up the escalators.

Passengers can now access the new route at the far east end of the Front St. promenade – that lower-level row of shops directly below the Great Hall. Users will recall the Great Hall houses the iconic clock and ticket booths for Via Rail. You want the level just below it. (Thane Burnett photo)

A man talks on the phone next to an elevator.

Elevators and escalators are now opened up as part of the new Bay Concourse-associated route. If you’re on the Great Hall level, to the far east toward Bay St., there’s an area where you can look down and see the stairs and escalators below. This elevator is on your right. (Thane Burnett photo)

As well as the new accessible route, crews have taken down some of the construction cladding at the east end of the Great Hall, so users can now use the elevator (look to your right) to get to the accessible route below – or simply get a good view at the flow of commuters below.

Old habits die hard, but the new route – which is in advance of Bay Concourse reopening – is part of great Union Station travel patterns to come.

And speaking of keeping up with changes, Metrolinx has launched a digital hub featuring transit progress in your community and beyond.