the inside with lots of glass.

History made as Bloomington GO Station opens doors to public

Check out the new station that will provide more transit options for Richmond Hill Line customers.

Jun 28, 2021

It’s the beginning of a new journey at the end of the Richmond Hill GO line.

The new Bloomington GO Station, located at Highway 404 and Bloomington Road, in the northeast corner of Richmond Hill opened for service today (June 28).

a train moving toward the new station.

The first train makes its way to the new station at the break of dawn. (Paula Edwards photo)

Some customers were determined to be among the first to take the historic first trip from Bloomington GO into Union Station, even if it meant arriving at 6 a.m.

Marcel De Oliveira’s mother drove him from Toronto to come and see the opening of the station. A true transit fan, he was impressed.

“It’s really, really big,” he noted.

“I remember passing by when it was under construction and when I found out it was opened I just had to check It out – it’s really beautiful”

A young man stands on the platform.

Marcel Deolivira watched the station being built, and wanted to be on hand on opening day. (Nitish Bissonauth photo)

De Oliveira wasn’t alone.

“I’m excited to be the first of thousands upon thousands who will use this station throughout its life,” said Reece Martin, a YouTube creator and transit enthusiast.

Martin said he was impressed by the features he read about in a previous Metrolinx News story and had to check out the station for himself.

“I wanted to get to see it while it still has the new station smell.”

Staff stand in a row inside the station

Staff wait to green customers at the province’s newest transit station. (Metrolinx photo)

The newest jewel to the GO Transit network also comes with a host of unique features.

Customers, including those who are returning to transit over the months ahead, will have access to a three three-level parking structure with 765 parking spaces and an additional 253 spaces at surface level.

“We are so proud to open the new Bloomington GO Station, which will deliver even more transit connections in York Region,” said Metrolinx CEO Phil Verster, who was at the station on opening day to speak to the media.

“Our customers will have access to amenities that will keep them safe as they travel on York Region Transit and GO Transit, all in the same place”

Among the customers talked with was Jacob Gorkunberg. The rail fan wanted to tell Verster what he thought of the station.

“I’ve been watching the Richmond Hill line since I was a little boy and when I heard this was opening,” said Gorkunberg. “I wanted to check it out. I like that’s it’s big, enough space for a big bus terminal. I really like the new platform and I’m going to come back next week.

“I’m looking forward to using the station” 

Phil Verster with the young rail fan

Phil Verster with rail fan, Jacob Gorkunberg. (Nitish Bissonauth photo)

That new station will extend the Richmond Hill line by approximately five kilometres, past Gormley GO Station and further north into Richmond Hill.

the inside with lots of glass.

The building is open concept and has a large open-air glass enclosed atrium, which allows for plenty of natural lighting and views from all three levels of the garage. (Brian Main photo)

The station was also designed to achieve LEED Gold certification, which is a green building certification program used worldwide.

The roof has solar panels to help generate electricity and the station uses low-energy LED lights.

Metrolinx has also incorporated a stormwater management system – the building collects water and reuses it around the site.

Since the station is in Ontario’s Greenbelt, it’s surrounded by significant wildlife, which includes frogs – Their commute is also made easy thanks to the creation of a specialized underground crossing from the existing pond on site to neighbouring wetlands.

solar panels.

The solar system on the station’s roof will provide most of the station’s power needs in the summer months and offset some of the power needs during the winter. (Nitish Bissonauth Photo)

The station is meant to maximize the space while minimizing the use of the land. By incorporating a multi-level parking structure, Metrolinx was able to minimize the disruption to the surrounding ecology, preserving significant wetlands and a pond within the station site.  

“We often think of public transit infrastructure as inherently environmentally friendly but, all infrastructure has an impact, and this is something we see throughout the region,” said Reece Martin.

“Stations and parkades often have big footprints so taking advantage of that to capture water and sunlight makes a lot of sense.”

A train waits at the platform.

A GO train waits at Bloomington on opening day. (Metrolinx photo)

The station is just one example of how Metrolinx is building a better transit system that will change life in York region. Bloomington GO will offer residents and transit users more service options and seamless connections to the already expansive GO transit network. The new, state-of-the-art transit hub will also help take the Richmond Hill line to a whole new level.

GO trains and buses will serve the station on weekdays. It’ll be served by eight Richmond Hill line train trips (four trips in both the morning and evening rush hours) as well as 17 GO bus Route 61 trips, every weekday.

Click here to plan your next trip to Bloomington GO.

by Nitish Bissonauth Metrolinx bilingual editorial content advisor