New Metrolinx digital screens at Union Station


GO Transit & UP Express digital screens sport new look

We’ve updated information screens across the GO & UP network to make taking transit even easier

May 24, 2024

What’s the first thing you do when you walk inside your local GO or UP station to grab the train or bus? 

Find the nearest digital screen to check if your train is on time, and to see what platform you need to head to. 

It’s a universal truth across transit systems. 

Customers rely on the latest and greatest trip information, and that’s why digital signage across the GO Transit and UP Express network are sporting a fresh redesign. 

The new-look screens started rolling out at UP Express stations earlier this year and can now be seen at all GO Transit and UP Express stations. 

The idea is to make your trip smoother and stress-free, providing you with all the information you need ahead of your journey. 

Here’s how the new screens look at Union Station in the concourse and on the platform. 

And here’s how they look at UP Express stations. 

Digital Screens UP and GO

This is what the new look UP Express digital screens look like. (Metrolinx image)

New digital screen features  

The new look screens still display the same important train and bus schedule info, with an updated look which standardizes the visual experience across the system. 

What are the new features? 

  • Unique colours for each line (ex. Kitchener Line is green, Barrie Line is blue) 

  • Icons to identify accessibility features 

  • Lightning bolt symbols to indicate express trains 

  • Screens will also display how long your train is 

  • A system map that shows service status across the GO rail network, including major or minor service disruptions 

  • Punctuality scores for each rail line, indicating how often your service arrived on time 

Keep an eye out for these new easy to read screens on your next GO Bus trip.

New departure screens at the Union Station Bus Terminal

Customers will also notice the new-look GO Bus departure boards in the walkways on both the Bay Street and York Street sides of Union Station.

New Digital Screens UP and GO

From the Bay Street walkway at Union Station - on the left is the classic, now defunct, GO Train departure screen and on the right is the new look GO Bus departure screen. (Metrolinx image)

Keep an eye out for the new signs at an UP or GO Station near you!

Want more information? Head to the GO Transit website and keep an eye on our social media handles.

GO Tracker

New digital screens are a great way to get information when you're at a station - but what about at home or when you're on your way to the station?

That's where the GO Tracker mobile site comes in handy.

GO Tracker gives you a train departure board right in the palm of your hand.

And the best thing is, just like the newly revamped digital screens at the stations, the information on is updated in real time.

Plus, GO Tracker will show you updated trip information for your station and all other stations on that line, including Union Station, such as delays and when a trip is express or all-stops.

Whether it's revamping digital screens at stations or offering useful tools on your smartphone, we're commited to making your commute as stress free as possible.

by Scott Money Metrolinx editorial content manager