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GO Transit customers crown the top seat on the train

The results are in. Read on to find out where your chair stands in the great seat debate.

Jan 14, 2020

GO customers know what they like and after more than 53-years of transit service, they are quite certain about where they sit on one particular question.

We recently took to social – as many of our sister transit agencies across North America did – to find out which seat on the GO train is the most popular.


The results came in fast and furious, with more than 400 ‘ballots’ cast over social media in 24 hours. In this case the majority of GO customers got behind – or put their behinds on – a single seat.

The results were overwhelming – seat #5 (the one by the window) is by far the most popular with GO customers.

Whether it was on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, people voted for the seat with the view.

Facebook Comment #3

The runner up does deserve some love, as seat #3 managed to carve out a nice groove with the electorate. Thanks to superior napping capabilities, #3 was no slouch.

We all know human beings can be particular creatures. That definitely applies to seat selection on the GO.

Facebook Comment #1

Anyone that rides the GO knows there are a vast array of different seats to pick from – whether it’s the top level, the middle section or an old coach versus a new one. We couldn’t possibly include them all in our original post, but we want to give credit to the people that dared to take a different position.

And not just different, down right calculated. Who knew there we people that switch seats at a particular part of their journey?

It wasn’t just location being debated online. It was also vintage. Some customers are partial to the old GO seats and weren’t afraid to let their posterior posture preferences be known.

While many customers have their favourite spot set in stone, we believe there are two even better seats on the train. Stay tuned for that story in the comings months.

by Scott Money Metrolinx editorial content manager