Concrete tie replacement work at Maple GO

Construction progress continues at Maple GO

GO Expansion work at Maple GO Station supports all day GO Train service in Barrie.

Aug 22, 2023

Improvements are well underway to increase future GO Train service at Maple GO and along the Barrie Line.

New infrastructure is being built now to accommodate future service between Toronto and Barrie for customers along the line.  

Increased GO Train service is part of the GO Expansion program and provides customers with service every 15 minutes or better between Union Station and Bradford GO, and service every 30 minutes up to Allandale Waterfront GO.

Platform structures

Future customers arriving at the station by bike, bus, car, or foot will be able to access a new southeast and northeast platform structure to reach the west platform.

The base concrete being poured at the southeast structure, and electrical and mechanical work is ongoing and upon completion crews will build the stairs and elevator.

Crews have also prepped the northeast structure with forms that will shape a concrete pour that will create the ground floor.

The base slab has been poured work is ongoing to prepare for stair and elevator construction.

Southeast structure: The base slab has been poured work is ongoing to prepare for stair and elevator construction. (Metrolinx photo)

Corridor wall

Work has progressed on the permanent wall on the west side of the corridor.

Wooden formwork is required prior to pouring concrete to create the parapet wall. Formwork acts like a mould for concrete to cure into the shape of a permanent wall. This wall safely separates the corridor from public access.

The wooden formwork is reusable and moves to the next section for another concrete pour.

The building of a concrete wall

Crews are building a permanent concrete wall on the west side of the corridor. (Metrolinx photo)

North of McNaughton Road, excavators are removing dirt and debris for the new west track.

After the sub-ballast and ballast material are installed for stability, the tracks are put in place and secured with concrete ties.

Concrete tie replacement work at Maple GO

Contractor has completed installation of the ballast and is installing concrete ties for the future west track, which will allow for increased service at the station. (Metrolinx photo)

Customer appreciation event

With several areas undergoing major construction and as a part of an ongoing series of events, Maple GO Station and Metrolinx recently hosted a customer appreciation day on Aug. 8.

Free coffee and tea were handed out at the Fleets truck with supporting Metrolinx staff members providing station information and answering questions.

Metrolinx employees at Maple GO

Metrolinx team handing out information and answering questions at customer appreciation day August 8. (Metrolinx photo)

The transit agency looks forward to hosting the next customer appreciation day at Maple GO Station as a way of saying thanks to customers who continue to use GO services as Metrolinx carries out important construction work.

GO customers are encouraged to follow Twitter @GOExpansion to get exclusive details on the next free beverage giveaway. 

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by Teresa Ko Metrolinx communications senior advisor