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Vendor Relationship Management and Client Vendor Relations

Vendor Relationship Management

The Vendor Relationship Management program (VRM) ensures that an appropriate level of oversight and structure is established for every Vendor that works with Metrolinx. The VRM supplements standard contract management procedures to maximize relationships between Metrolinx and its Vendors, generating value for both the Vendor and Metrolinx.

The objectives of the VRM are to:

  • Develop and establish formal governance structures to manage Vendor relationships
  • Support Metrolinx Business Units in managing their Vendors
  • Maximize the potential value delivery from all Vendors
  • Ensure efficient Vendor collaboration that promotes innovation, cost reduction and maximization of efficiency, resulting in competitive advantage
  • Evaluate Vendor performance in accordance with value-based goals and objectives along with contract-specific criteria intended to drive compliance with project requisites
  • Conduct regular review sessions identifying gaps in performance and expectations
  • Integrate Vendor Performance Management outputs as criteria in procurement submission evaluations

VRM Program Guidelines can be found here.

Metrolinx VPM Terms and Conditions

Vendor Relationship Management Team


Frank Colella

Bus Infrastructure, CPG, Subway, Safety and Security

Felix Soare

Business Technology (IT), PRESTO, Corporate Services

Iryna Lewis

Operations, Rapid Transit, Stations, Bus, Rail

The Metrolinx VRM team is responsible for implementing and monitoring the VRM program, procedures and activities.