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Canadian Rail Operating Rules (CROR) Training


With the GO Expansion program underway to improve the Greater Golden Horseshoe’s rail network for better, faster, and easier travel, the safety of workers, employees, and the public is paramount. To support the GO Expansion program’s projects, Metrolinx relies on the Canadian Rail Operating Rules (CROR) to ensure the construction and maintenance work in and around the rail corridor is done safely and that service and projects can be delivered on time. 

Course Details

The Metrolinx Rail Safety Training and Competence Team has developed the Metrolinx Rail Safety (Track Protection) Curriculum to ensure a consistent and standardized certification and qualification approach for workers performing engineering functions within Metrolinx’s rail network. Rooted in the Metrolinx Rail Safety Competency Framework, the curriculum integrates essential rules and requirements from the Canadian Rail Operating Rules (CROR) and the Metrolinx General Engineering Instructions (MX GEI). 

Individuals looking to begin their learning journey under the curriculum will take the Metrolinx Canadian Rail Operating Rules (MX CROR) training program first to gain a foundational knowledge and understanding of rail definitions, rules, and special instructions on Metrolinx territory. This includes understanding the responsibilities of workers and the critical aspects of track work, track units, and worker safety. 

This course also provides extensive knowledge into MX GEI, which provides additional information, guidance, and compliance requirements. These instructions ensure adherence to CROR within Metrolinx’s Right of Way (ROW). 

Note: This course is for certification purposes only. Individuals who pass this level are not qualified to provide protection for themselves or others. 


  • Individuals must be certified in Personal Track Safety (PTS) before undertaking the MX CROR training program.

As part of the MX CROR Certification Program, you will be required to:  

  • Attend a 5 day in-person training session. 
  • Complete a written exam. 

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the training program, please contact Metrolinx’s Rail Safety Training Team at MXSafetyCompetence@metrolinx.com