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How to Become a Metrolinx Vendor?

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At Metrolinx, we are excited about the work we are doing to connect our communities, better, faster, and easier. We welcome local and international vendors to help us deliver this mandate at the best value.

Last year, we spent approximately $3.4 Billion on construction projects alone. In partnership with Infrastructure Ontario and on behalf of the Province of Ontario, Metrolinx continues to roll out an expansive multibillion dollar program across the Greater Golden Horseshoe with significant investments in our capital construction, capital repairs and to support our operations.

Please read the information below and access the links to learn how you can join our team of vendors.

Purchase Order General Conditions

IMPORTANT GENERAL NOTICE TO VENDORS. Access Requirements on Metrolinx Right-of Way






Metrolinx is an agency of the Government of Ontario reporting through the Ministry of Transportation. As a public sector entity, Metrolinx maximizes the use of competitive processes to obtain goods and services for the corporation. Metrolinx rigorously adheres to the guiding public sector principles of conducting all procurement activities in a fair, open and transparent manner in accordance with Provincial directives, applicable trade agreements and Metrolinx policies and procedures.

Vendors can participate in Metrolinx goods and services supply agreements through bidding on publicly advertised projects. Initiatives are regularly posted on the Merx e-tendering website where you will find a list of all Metrolinx’s current opportunities. Any vendor can obtain documents and, as appropriate to the requirement, bid on these opportunities. As new projects are regularly added, vendors should check there regularly to see if there are any projects that might be of interest to your firm.

There are two options for downloading tender documents. The first is the Merx Pay As You Go option, which includes the ability for vendors to access the full bid package (including any full scale plans and blue prints that may be associated with the project) as well as allowing them to upload their bid responses directly within the MERX platform. The second option is an Annual Subscription. This allows unlimited document downloads for a 12-month period for all public Metrolinx Tenders, but this type of subscription should only be selected if you plan to download multiple opportunities per year. The yearly subscription allows vendors to download every open solicitation published by Metrolinx for the year as well as allowing them to upload their bid responses directly within the MERX platform. In addition, the annual subscription fee allows vendors to participate in the Metrolinx Vendor Performance.

"As an Agency of the Government of Ontario, Metrolinx has access to the Provincial Vendor of Record agreements established by the Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (MGCS) which gives us access to volume pricing discounts on a variety of services currently used within the Provincial Government. Learn more about the VOR agreements (administered by the Government of Ontario).

Metrolinx also utilizes OECM’s collaborative agreements which allow access to a variety of goods and services. Learn more about OECM's agreements.

Infrastructure Ontario Projects

As well as procuring goods, services and construction vendors, Metrolinx also works Infrastructure Ontario (IO) on large projects. IO will normally take the lead on procuring the large infrastructure projects with Metrolinx managing the build and vendor performance. More information on the IO led projects can be found here.

Authorized Engagement of Vendors

Before any Vendor is engaged to do work for Metrolinx, the Business Unit which requires the work must obtain internal approval and ensure a contract, purchase order, or an amendment to either is formalized, and that it documents price, scope of work, schedule and other terms related to the work (“Formal Agreement”). Without the required approval and a Formal Agreement in place, Business Units are not authorized to engage Vendors to do work.

All Metrolinx Vendors are instructed not to proceed with work without a fully executed Formal Agreement, or Vendors risk not being paid for work performed.

Implementing a Formal Agreement prior to commencing work is mandatory and protects both parties while reducing Metrolinx and a Vendor’s financial risk.