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The 2041 RTP Review process

Regional Transportation Plan Milestones

The Big Move
Baseline Monitoring Report
Discussion Paper for the RTP
Residents' Reference Panel
Draft RTP
Final PlanImplementation Planning

DEC 2008

SEPT 2013

AUG 2016

MAR 2017

SEPT 2017

FALL 2017

MAR 2018

Review and update of the Regional Transportation Plan

In accordance with the Metrolinx Act (2006), Metrolinx must review the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) every ten years. Since the release of the The Big Move (2008), a lot has changed. The review allowed Metrolinx to assess the progress made over the past decade and look ahead to opportunities and challenges for the region’s transportation system over the long-term.

The 2041 Regional Transportation Plan and Making it Happen Paper

The 2041 RTP is the result of more than three years of research, analysis, consultation and coordination. The 2041 RTP is a plan for the entire region that was developed through extensive consultation with our provincial and municipal partners, stakeholders (interested organizations, groups and individuals) and the public. The 2041 RTP is focused on the needs of travellers and supports a high quality of life, a prosperous economy and a healthy environment.

Success in creating the future transportation system for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) requires the active contribution of everyone. The 2041 RTP lays out a long-range strategic path for the many people and organizations who are participating in building a seamless transportation system in the region. The Making it Happen Paper launches the discussion on what we, as a region, can do to make the 2041 RTP a reality.

Background reports and studies to inform the 2041 RTP

The 2041 RTP was informed by the latest technical research and analysis on a wide variety of transportation topics, including autonomous vehicles; active transportation; the regional economy, demographic outlook and land use; transit needs; goods movement and more. The reports are available here.

It was also informed by academic research conducted in partnership with the University of Toronto, York University, Ryerson University, and the University of Waterloo. The studies are available here.

Engagement and consultation: What we heard

The 2041 RTP was also informed by extensive engagement and consultation. In September 2017, Metrolinx released the Draft 2041 RTP for consultation with our municipal partners, stakeholders (interested organizations, groups and individuals) and the public. Through online engagement, municipal and stakeholder submissions, public roundtable meetings and partner workshops we received thousands of comments that helped shape the 2041 RTP and Making it Happen Paper. In March 2018, Metrolinx released an Engagement Report summarizing what we heard in the feedback received.

The Engagement Report is available here.

A summary of the Public Roundtable Meetings is available here.

The Residents’ Reference Panel report

The Residents’ Reference Panel was made up of 36 randomly selected GTHA residents who met over the course of five Saturdays from March to May, 2017, to provide their advice and recommendations to Metrolinx on what should be included in the 2041 RTP. The Panel presented seven recommendations to Metrolinx that were accepted and incorporated into the 2041 RTP.

Their recommendations and an outline of the process are contained in their final report that can be found here.

Discussion Paper for the Next Regional Transportation Plan

The Discussion Paper for the Next Regional Transportation Plan was published in August 2016 and provided an opportunity for all partners and collaborators in planning, building and implementing the region’s transportation system to reflect on how well it is working today, and how its performance may change in the future. The Discussion Paper focuses on igniting a conversation about developing a shared vision for the region that looks at where we have been, what we need to do and how to get there.

The Discussion Paper is available here.