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Regional Public Meetings

It’s an exciting and unprecedented time of transit growth for the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area. Today, there are over $32 billion worth of projects underway in support of our Regional Transportation Plan. Metrolinx continues to make progress on the projects that will benefit residents over the long term: we launched UP Express, and we’re rolling out the PRESTO farecard across the region, revitalizing Union Station, building the Eglinton Crosstown LRT and making other local improvements across our network.

We’re committed to working with residents as part of an open and transparent process to move forward the many transportation improvement projects we have planned. As part of the process, we will host a series of Metrolinx-wide open houses to provide you with the latest updates on major projects that together will transform transit in the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area.

You may attend a meeting in person (see the schedule below), or participate online at metrolinxengage.com.

We are committed to keeping you informed about projects and providing ongoing opportunities for engagement and feedback.

Meeting Dates

Stay tuned for dates