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Regional Planning

Regional Planning

The Big Picture


Metrolinx is improving the coordination and integration of all modes of transportation in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. Guided by our regional transportation plan, which outlines a common vision for transportation, we are working hard to secure funding commitments to jump start transit and active transportation improvements for our region. We are taking action to coordinate goods movement while assessing the impact traffic congestion has on the region. All of these efforts aim to enhance prosperity, sustainability and quality of life.

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  • Who is Metrolinx Without the ability to move lots of people efficiently and affordably, great cities can't be great
  • The 25-Year Plan The Big Move will bring 80 per cent of our region's population within 2 km of rapid transit
  • Transforming Transit  Getting to and from work shouldn't be the toughest part of your day
  • Board of Directors The Metrolinx Board of Directors meets throughout the year