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Stouffville Line GO Expansion

Finch-Kennedy GO Station

A New SmartTrack GO Station at Finch Avenue East and Kennedy Road.

Located on Finch Avenue East between Milliken Boulevard and Midland Avenue, the station will provide GO Stouffville corridor passengers with seamless access to frequent TTC bus connections on Finch. Canopies and heated shelters will keep passengers warm and dry, while bike parking, and accessible drop-off areas will make it easy to get to the station.

A New SmartTrack GO Station at Finch Avenue East and Kennedy Road

Rendering of Finch-Kennedy GO Station

The new Finch-Kennedy GO station. Artist’s rendering, final designs are subject to change.

Project overview

SmartTrack is coming to Toronto to bring you a better connected, more modern transit network to get you where you need to go within your city and beyond. The SmartTrack Stations program will leverage roughly 40 km of Metrolinx’s pre-existing GO rail corridors within the city, so that new rail stations are closer to where people live, work and travel.

Specific benefits for the surrounding community, as well as transit users, include:

  • Easy access to TTC bus connections through 6 TTC lay-bys and platforms
  • A new road under rail grade separation with two bike lanes and sidewalks
  • Single train connection to Union Station
  • Convenient connections to local and regional destinations, such as Agincourt, Milliken, Unionville and Markham.

This transformative infrastructure project will provide a greater choice of reliable and convenient route options to shorten commutes and increase quality of life for locals and visitors alike. The new stations are projected to bring 110,000 new daily riders to the rail network by 2031, providing easy access to more than 52 major regional destinations located within 800 metres of transit stations, including major shopping centres, community facilities and educational institutions.

The SmartTrack program is a joint initiative of the Province of Ontario, Infrastructure Ontario, the City of Toronto and Metrolinx. Please visit the City of Toronto webpage for more information on the program.

Rendering of Finch-Kennedy GO Station

The new Finch-Kennedy GO station. Artist’s rendering, final designs are subject to change.

In the news

Making moves for GO Expansion on the Stouffville Line

March 10, 2022 GO Expansion on the Stouffville Line will offer more frequent service during middays, evenings, and weekends – giving customers more flexibility to schedule what is most important and everything else in between. [Read More]

What is SmartTrack and how will it improve GO service in Toronto neighbourhoods?

December 6, 2021

SmartTrack will change the way Torontonians use GO Transit. Five new stations will be built along existing GO tracks in ‘the Six’. The new SmartTrack GO stations will give residents an opportunity to join commuters on faster rides within the city. This is an example of how adding new transit options will build a network effect and encourage more people to leave their cars behind. [Read More]

New agreement with City of Toronto helps bring new SmartTrack stations closer to reality

August 17, 2021

The province and City of Toronto have signed a revised agreement in principle for the SmartTrack Stations program, launching the procurement process for four new GO stations around Toronto. A fifth station, East Harbour will be delivered through a transit-oriented community process. [Read More]

Improved transit in Toronto with GO Expansion means new lines and new stations

November 22, 2021 Once implemented, the GO Expansion program will deliver all-day, two-way service with faster trains running every 15-minutes on more of the GO Network. Last week, Metrolinx News reported on how this project will improve service to and from destinations outside Toronto. Today let’s look at how GO Expansion – combined with other new Metrolinx projects – will reduce travel times inside the city. [Read More]

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