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Niagara Region

Let's GO to the Falls!

The popular weekend service is back to serve Niagara region all year round!

Pack your flip flops, grab a blanket, bring your bike on the train too!

If there’s something you love about Ontario, you can probably find it in Niagara. It’s the site of a titanic natural wonder of the world. It’s premier wine country, home to the famous vintages Canadians love. It’s dotted with B&Bs, picture-perfect hotels, and plenty to explore. Good things are growing in Niagara, and more people are moving there.

And following a brief hiatus, GO is reintroducing the popular weekend train service starting June 26 and will operate it year-round.

Packages including the round trip GO train between Toronto and Niagara Falls, plus a WEGO bus pass that can take you between the train station, the city tourist area, and the Niagara Parks attractions are also available again!

For more information and to plan your trip, please visit

With Metrolinx safety never stops! As more customers return to transit, we want to reassure riders their health and safety remains central to everything we do.

Since the pandemic began, Metrolinx has implemented more than 40 permanent safety actions to keep transit safe. That includes mandatory masks, clear plastic barriers between seats on trains and buses, and hand sanitizer dispensers on vehicles and in stations.

Read more about the safety measures we have put in place to get you there safely.

Here is some of what’s happening across Niagara Region:

We continue to work with our rail partners to find ways to deliver on our promise to increase service to the Hamilton and Niagara Regions even faster.

We are committed to incremental increases in service every year while we work towards two-way, all-day GO service between Union Station and Niagara.

residents by 2041

More than 25km
of new track

new and improved stations

All alignments, stations, stops, locations, names and quantity of stations/stops are conceptual and subject to change.

The Niagara GO Rail Service Expansion Initial Business Case is now available. This document provides a summary of the strategic, financial, and economic performance for extending two-way all-day GO rail service on the Lakeshore West line to Niagara Region and evaluates three infrastructure options to get there. Learn more about the Initial Business Case.

All proposed new station stops are subject to completion of a full business case analysis.