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Toronto Lakeshore East Rail Corridor

More trips, more trains, more of what you need.

We’re making improvements today to bring you even more service in the future. The Lakeshore East rail corridor serves many communities in Toronto and is the second busiest GO rail line.

Whether you are traveling to work or visiting friends and family – we’re committed to getting you there better, faster, easier.

Building on what we have today paves the way for electrification infrastructure, which will bring quieter, faster, more efficient GO train service.

Rendering: Woodbine bridge. All renderings are subject to change. (Metrolinx photo).

Benefits to the community

GO Expansion on the Lakeshore East line will offer more frequent service during middays, evenings and weekends – giving customers more flexibility to schedule what is most important and everything else in between.

We’re transforming the Lakeshore East corridor to bring more trips along the line for those traveling from and to Toronto. Frequent GO rail service will offer more service with faster trains and seamless connections to a regional rapid transit network.

Infrastructure required between Pape Avenue and Kennedy Road includes:

  • A new fourth track
  • Grading, retaining walls and culvert extensions to accommodate the fourth track
  • Danforth Avenue, Warden Avenue and Woodbine Avenue bridge expansions to accommodate the fourth track

Infrastructure from approximately Galloway Road to just east of Rouge Hill GO Station includes:

  • Construction of a new road-under-rail grade separation at Morningside Avenue, including road and track diversions and utility relocations.
  • Construction of new grading and drainage for a future third track between Galloway Road and Beechgrove Road.
  • Expansion of Highland Creek Bridge (2 spans: new north span and new south span)
  • Construction of new grading and drainage for a future third track between Beechgrove Road and east of Rouge Hill GO Station.
  • Replacement of Chesterton Shores manhole.

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