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Key progress update for Kitchener GO Line

Preparing for future two-way service, with recently finished work at Guelph GO and Breslau.

May 6, 2024

A key package of work on the Kitchener GO Line, between Georgetown and Kitchener, is now complete.  

But before we get into the specifics, let’s talk about how we’re bringing more service to Kitchener Line customers.  

Construction on the Kitchener Line is happening in phases, which will unlock incremental service improvements as each phase of work is completed.  

A key part of those incremental improvements involves building new tracks, platforms and other pieces of rail infrastructure to make it possible to run more trains to and from Kitchener.  

Let’s break that down a little. 

Kitchener GO Line passing track near Breslau

Passing tracks like this new one in Breslau serve a key role in expanding transit capacity. (Metrolinx photo)

Key Kitchener Line work completed 

As we mentioned above, an important phase of work was recently completed along the Kitchener Line between Georgetown and Kitchener. This work consisted of three critical upgrades. 

The first is a 2.6 km passing track in Breslau. 

The passing track in Breslau will be especially key to delivering future two-way service to Kitchener, once other packages of work are complete.  

Much of the Kitchener Line consists of a single active track, which GO Trains share with freight traffic, so there isn’t enough room for GO Trains and freight trains to pass each other. Similar to a single lane road.  

Adding passing tracks in strategic locations, such as the one in Breslau, will enable GO Trains to safely bypass slower moving freight trains, without needing to build a costly second track along the entire route.  

Guelph new platform 2024

The view from the newly completed platform at Guelph Central GO Station. (Metrolinx photo)

The second upgrade recently completed is a new second platform at Guelph Central GO Station  

The new platform helps expand GO Train service on the Kitchener Line by creating the infrastructure needed to run two-way, all-day service between Kitchener and Union Station in Toronto. 

Two GO workers happy

Maintenance crews are vital to the safe, efficient and effective operation of all GO Transit vehicles. (Metrolinx photo)

The third essential upgrade that was recently finished is the new storage track for maintenance vehicles west of Guelph.  

This will provide space for maintenance vehicles west of Guelph to tuck out of the way and off the main tracks so future increased train operations are not affected.   



Kitchener Line service increases 

Upgrades on the Kitchener Line continue to happen in phases. Just like the recent trio of completed projects, earlier work has allowed us to increase service.  

Here’s a few examples of how the past work to improve and expand GO Train service has allowed for steady incremental improvements.  

  • Since 2018, weekly trains on the Kitchener Line have more than doubled, from 40 trips to 95 trips 

  • Track improvements near Kitchener and Guelph have led to trip time reductions averaging 15-minutes from Kitchener to Union since 2018 

  • In December 2022, express train trips were reintroduced to the Kitchener Corridor, with additional express services added in April 2023 

  • In April 2023, hourly weekend service to Mount Pleasant GO Station was introduced

  • In April 2024, 30-minute weekday midday and evening service was brought in between Bramalea and Union Station  

Breslau Passing Track 2

Work including this passing track in Breslau will allow for more efficient travel between Georgetown and Kitchener. (Metrolinx photo)

What’s next for the Kitchener Line? 

Plans for the next phase of work are well underway. This package is expected to go out for construction companies to bid on in 2024 and includes: 

  • Passing track at Acton GO Station 

  • North platform extension at Guelph GO Station 

  • Expansion of the Shantz Station Road bridge 

  • Extension of the second track in Breslau 

  • Passing track at Guelph GO Station 

  • Track upgrades in Kitchener

  • New train storage space between Mount Pleasant and Georgetown stations 

Completion of the work in this package will allow trains to pass each other between Georgetown and Kitchener. 

The next phase of work, including more passing tracks and platform construction, will bring us even closer to all-day two-way service to Kitchener.  

GO Train stock images

Improvements to transit mean more choice, affordability and sustainability in our communities. (Metrolinx photo)

Improving and expanding transit 

All of this work is part of our mission to bring you more rapid transit, closer to home.  

From more routes to new stations with more ways to pay, we’re in the middle of a once in a generation transit expansion, one of the largest of its kind in North America.  

It’s an $80 billion integrated plan to improve transit across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area, which stretches from Barrie to Niagara, Kitchener to Oshawa and beyond.  

A big part of that plan means building dozens innovative projects over the next 20 years, each one adding more connections to our broader transit network.  

Add it all up, we get a region that’s more affordable, less congested and connected for the next generation.  

by Stacey Kenny Metrolinx corporate communications manager