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Accessibility Advisory Committee

Metrolinx places a high priority on ensuring that everyone regardless of age or ability has full access to our transit services. There shouldn’t be any barriers to safe, convenient and easy travel across our transit network.

This is why Metrolinx formed the Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC).

The AAC is comprised of Metrolinx customers from across our entire service area. They include customers with a wide range of disabilities, seniors, and staff from agencies that support people with disabilities. The main purpose of the AAC is to provide input on policy, planning and procedures wherever Accessibility / Universal Design issues may occur with GO Transit, PRESTO, UP Express and our future Rapid Transit services, stations or projects.

We look for the following qualifications and experience in AAC members:

  • A strong understanding of the needs and perspectives of a wide range of people with disabilities and seniors, gained through personal or professional experience.
  • An interest in promoting equity and inclusion for people with disabilities and seniors in accessing transit services.
  • A comprehensive knowledge of Universal Design principles and current best practices to ensure our transit services are welcoming, accessible, safe, usable and convenient to all.
  • Experience with using our services is an asset.

Some of the main areas of focus for AAC consultations include:

  • Providing input on how to identify, remove, and prevent barriers across the Metrolinx network.
  • Being consulted during the planning and design stages of Metrolinx projects.
  • Having a hand in shaping Metrolinx accessibility policies.
  • Helping your fellow Metrolinx customers with disabilities and seniors enjoy the same easy access as any other Metrolinx passenger.
  • Generally making Metrolinx the best it can be for everyone.

Regardless of whether you are a current Metrolinx customer, or have current or prior professional experience supporting persons with disabilities, you can have a voice in how Metrolinx best attains its goal of being a transit service that serves everyone equally and efficiently.

To learn more about applying to join the AAC, get in touch with us!