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Participate in TPI

What is TPI’s joint procurement?

Joint procurement’s key defining characteristics are:

  • A common request for proposal with standard terms and conditions posted on behalf of all parties
  • An inclusive partnership process allowing active involvement from participants from start to finish
  • Open, transparent and fair process

Why join TPI?

There are many benefits in participating in a joint procurement for municipalities:

  • TPI manages the procurement process to ensure best practices from start to finish
  • Access to Metrolinx’s staff and resources in technical research, specification development and support, engineering assistance, administrative support and legal assistance
  • Metrolinx provides and pays for an independent Fairness Commissioner to provide oversight and ensure a fair and equitable process
  • Metrolinx provides in-plant inspections during the bus manufacturing process to enhance quality control
  • Access to joint contract management and KPI tracking of contract performance
  • Increased buying power resulting in lower prices
  • Improved bus delivery time
  • Buses meet all applicable Federal and Provincial regulations
  • Access to industry peers with extensive expertise and knowledge bases in transit technologies, specification writing and analysis

2,021 buses ordered as of March 31, 2020 across 6 vehicle models

Accumulated savings and cost avoidance across all TPI projects for participating transit agencies has reached $33.8 million*

How to participate

Please contact staff at TPI to learn more about the participation process.

Participants and Metrolinx are required to complete a Multi-Year Governance Agreement (GA) for joint transit procurements facilitated by TPI. Some elements of the GA are:

  • GA’s have a five (5) year term
  • Only one (1) council/board/commission by-law resolution is required for the term
  • Covers all joint procurements of transit vehicles, equipment, technology, related supplies and services
  • Participants become steering committee and technical subcommittee representatives
  • TPI acts as a facilitator
  • Metrolinx awards Master Agreement (MA) for each joint procurement
  • Municipality executes Purchase Agreement (PA) with supplier
  • No cost for joining the Multi Year GA
  • Flexible "opt-out" provisions for transit agencies

Current Partners

TPI Partners