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Queen St Hwy 7 BRT

Frequently asked questions

BRT provides an efficient at-grade rapid transit system in several local areas (Mississauga Transitway, York Region’s VIVA) and across North America. Example key features include:

  • Dedicated lanes for buses, where feasible, resulting in shorter travel times and more reliable transit service
  • Frequent service with a bus ideally every 5 minutes or less during peak hours
  • Smart signals will adapt to support smoother traffic flow for all commutes – on buses, in personal vehicles, and on bicycles
  • Better connections to key transit hubs and employment centres
  • Reliable service with buses separated from general traffic in most areas, and greater stop spacing to allow for fast, efficient, and reliable service
  • Potential enhanced amenities such as service maps, next bus information, fare collection, garbage bins, wayfinding information and weather protection