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Fare Integration

Working to build a consistent approach to transit fares in the region

Ontario's One Fare Program

We’re working with the province and local transit partners towards integrating transit fares across systems, making transit more connected, affordable, and convenient as we take action to build the region's network for the future. 

Starting February 26, Ontario's One Fare Program allows transit riders to only pay once when connecting to and from the TTC and GO Transit, Brampton Transit, Durham Region Transit, MiWay and York Region Transit.

Ontario’s One Fare Program supports the 2041 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), advancing the integration of transit services and fares, by reducing barriers and enabling cost-savings to make transferring between transit agencies easier for customers.   

How Ontario's One Fare Program works

  • PRESTO automatically calculates a 100 per cent discount and applies it to a PRESTO card, credit or debit card or PRESTO in Google Wallet. Transit riders must tap on and off with the same card. 
  • Transfers are valid for two hours for trips started on local transit and within three hours of the start of a GO Transit trip.
  • The payment method used to tap and pay a fare is a customer’s proof of payment. Riders approached for fare inspection will need to tap the card, phone or watch used on the inspection device.  
  • For trips connecting between TTC and GO Transit, the TTC component of the trip will become free, regardless of travel direction (cost of TTC trip is discounted from overall trip cost). 
  • For trips connecting between TTC and local transit systems, the second portion of the trip will become free (first payment will enable a two-hour free transfer across all systems).  

Whether travelling from Brampton, Oshawa or anywhere in between, Ontario’s One Fare Program makes it affordable and easy to choose transit first.