Union Station

Union Station

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A better experience at the centre of our network

Toronto is more than a city. It’s an idea. One out of every five Canadians live here, generating roughly one-fifth of all Canadian economic activity. It’s time for Toronto to take the next step as a city – building the transit we all need.

What if Union Station was easier to access and navigate? What if the city had connected light rail, running outside of regular traffic, so you could get where you need to go, as easily as possible? What if a new web of rapid transit was built to touch every corner of the city? What if GO service was increased, giving us electrified, frequent, all-day, transit on five separate lines, including new stations?

Wonder no more. This is the Toronto we’re building together; it will connect us to every part of the Greater Golden Horseshoe. And it’s happening right now.

Union Station and the adjacent rail corridor are known collectively as the Union Station rail corridor (USRC). The USRC is 6.4km long and consists of a complex network of approach tracks, passenger platforms and four control towers at Cherry Street, Scott Street, John Street and Bathurst Street. It has 14 station tracks with platform access, and more than 180 signals, 250 switch machines, 40km of circuited track and all associated infrastructure.

There are multiple projects underway at Union Station, improving stairs, elevators, platforms, track, and access, all working toward the same goal - preparing the Union Station Rail Corridor for GO Expansion service levels.

Project Overview:

  • Union Station Enhancement – Being delivered in various packages of work and includes removing heritage steel, installing overhead lighting, a new south concourse, widening platforms, increasing vertical access, upgrades to passenger communications systems, train storage expansion in Wilson Yard, and east track enhancements.
  • Wilson Yard Upgrade and Expansion – Upgrading and expanding Wilson Yard will allow trains to be serviced closer to Union Station and help avoid using the corridor to move empty trains while preparing to accommodate future growth in USRC.
  • Signalling System Upgrades – Includes projects designed to improve reliability and service of signalling and train control systems.
  • East Track Enhancements - Includes expansion of Lower Jarvis and Lower Sherbourne Street bridges to accommodate the installation of two new tracks on the south side of the corridor.
  • West Track Enhancements – Add new track/improve existing track at west limits.
  • Signal Tower Renewal – Required state-of-good repair restoration of the signalling towers at John, Scott, and Cherry Streets.

Benefits to the Community:

There’s so much to love about this multi-pronged project. We‘re connecting new concourses to new access points across GO Train platforms. It’s all building a better transit experience, as we work to build a regional transit network that empowers GTHA residents to live, work, and play anywhere.