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Annual Reports & Corporate Plans

Metrolinx produces an Annual Report, a Five Year Strategic Plan that is reviewed annually, and a Business Plan that is produced every year. Read more.

Reports and Public Information

Metrolinx regularly issues public reports and documents relating to its projects. Read more.

Travel and Hospitality Expense Reports

Every year, Metrolinx posts all of its travel and hospitality expense reports for its executives. Read more.

Accessibility Plans and Reports

Metrolinx aims to provide the same level of service for all people in an integrated environment, to the greatest degree possible. See how we’re complying with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. Read more.


Metrolinx has various policies that help businesses, third party organizations and stakeholders interact with our organization. Read more.

Think Forward

Metrolinx regularly publishes an e-newsletter highlighting updates about the organization, milestones, new projects and public meetings. Sign up now to start hearing from us!