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Annual Reports & Corporate Plans

Mandate Letters

The Ministry of Transportation is required to issue annual mandate letters to Metrolinx to increase the public’s knowledge and awareness of our mandate and the government’s transit priorities, and to further promote the principles of openness and transparency. This letter sets out the minister’s expectations for the Metrolinx Board of Directors each fiscal year, including priority actions and agency performance. It has been designed and timed to inform Metrolinx’s annual business planning cycle.

Document Title
[pdf] November 2021 Mandate Letter 2022/2023 188 KB
[pdf] October 2020 Mandate Letter 2021/2022 377 KB
[html] November 2016 Mandate Letter 2016/2017 15 KB
[pdf] November 2016 Mandate Letter 2016/2017 2 MB

Annual Reports

Metrolinx produces an Annual Report that outlines the major highlights and milestones from the fiscal period April 1 to March 31. The Annual Report also includes Metrolinx’s audited financial statements for the fiscal period.

Document Title
[pdf] Metrolinx Annual Report 2021-2022 2021/2022 3.85 MB
[pdf] Metrolinx Annual Report 2020-2021 2020/2021 2.05 MB
[pdf] Metrolinx Annual Report 2019-2020 2019/2020 5.35 MB
[pdf] Metrolinx Annual Report 2018-2019 2018/2019 7.12 MB
[pdf] Metrolinx Annual Report 2017-2018 2017/2018 13.8 MB
[pdf] Metrolinx Annual Report 2016-2017 2016/2017 3.7 MB
[pdf] Metrolinx Annual Report 2015-2016 2015/2016 5.3 MB
[pdf] Metrolinx Annual Report 2014-2015 2014/2015 25.0 MB
[pdf] Metrolinx Annual Report 2013-2014 2013/2014 10.0 MB
[pdf] Metrolinx Annual Report 2012-2013 2012/2013 5.0 MB
[pdf] Metrolinx Annual Report 2011-2012 2011/2012 7.0 MB
[pdf] Metrolinx Annual Report 2010-2011 2010/2011 4.8 MB
[pdf] Platform for Change - Annual Report
2009/2010 3 MB
[pdf] On the Move - Annual Report  2008/2009 4 MB
[pdf] On Our Way - Annual Report 2007/2008 2 MB

Metrolinx Business Plan

Guided by the Metrolinx Five Year Strategy, the Metrolinx Business Plan is produced annually and presents priorities for the year, as well as analysis and evaluation of the previous years’ results for all operating divisions. The Business Plan looks at the organization’s strategic direction, performance measures, risk assessment, business environment and deliverables for the fiscal year. The Appendix summarizes the previous years’ operating results, key statistics and assumptions.

Document Title
[pdf] 2022-2023 Metrolinx Business Plan 2022/23 1.26 MB
[pdf] 2021-2022 Metrolinx Business Plan 2021/22 836 KB
[pdf] 2020-2021 Metrolinx Business Plan 2020/21 867 KB
[pdf] 2019-2020 Metrolinx Business Plan 2019/20 1.25 MB
[pdf] 2018-19 DRAFT Metrolinx Business Plan 2018/19 1.43 MB
[pdf] 2017-2018 Metrolinx Business Plan 2017/18 1.38 MB
[pdf] 2016-2017 Metrolinx Business Plan 2016/17 871 KB
[pdf] 2015-2016 Metrolinx Business Plan 2015/16 2.5 MB
[pdf] 2014-2015 Metrolinx Business Plan 2014/15 4.2 MB

Strategic Plans

Metrolinx also produces a Five Year Strategic Plan that is reviewed annually and sets the overall direction for the organization.

Document Title
[pdf] Metrolinx Five Year Strategy 2017-2022 November 2016 11.5 MB
[pdf] Metrolinx Five Year Strategy 2015-2020 September 2014 7.0 MB
[pdf] Metrolinx Five Year Strategy 2013-2018 July 2013 5.0 MB
[pdf] Metrolinx Five Year Strategy 2012-2017 June 2012 5.0 MB
[pdf] Metrolinx Five Year Strategy 2011-2016 2011 1.5 MB

Financial statements

On May 14, 2009, Bill 163 was proclaimed amending the Greater Toronto Transportation Authority Act, 2006 and changing the title of the Act to the Metrolinx Act, 2006. As a result, the Greater Toronto Transit Authority (GO Transit) has been dissolved and all of its assets, liabilities, rights and obligations have been transferred to Metrolinx effective May 14, 2009. Financial statements for fiscal 2009/2010 reflect the operations of the amalgamated Metrolinx.

File Type
Metrolinx Financial Statements
[pdf] Metrolinx Financial Statement 2010/2011 3 MB
[pdf] Metrolinx Financial Statement 2009/2010 1 MB
[pdf] Metrolinx Financial Statement 2008/2009 68 KB
[pdf] GO Transit Financial Statement 2008/2009 305 KB
[pdf] Metrolinx Financial Statement 2007/2008 68 KB
[pdf] GO Transit Financial Statement 2007/2008 130 KB