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Utility Coordination Near Transit Construction

Coordinating utility relocations near transit construction

If you are a utility company, contractor, consortium or project company delivering P3 projects, or a consultant or third-party coordinating utility relocations pertaining to Metrolinx transit construction projects, an enhanced coordination process is now in place to streamline project delivery.

Reconfiguring utility infrastructure to accommodate major capital infrastructure projects currently poses one of the biggest schedule risks to any project’s overall success. This enhanced coordination process is intended to speed the resolution of conflicts between existing utility infrastructure and transit system construction.

As part of a larger strategy to reduce risks to transit construction, the Province passed the Building Transit Faster Act, 2020. The Act applies specifically to the province’s priority transit projects, where identifying, protecting and relocating a significant amount of utility infrastructure presents a risk to the successful delivery of projects on time and within budget. Part IV of the Act sets out authorities to enable stronger coordination of utility relocation works to safeguard against these risks.

In order to successfully address these challenges and enable stronger partnerships, the Province oversaw the development of a new Utility Relocation Guideline, which outlines the new process for coordinating utility relocations. This new guideline will help to forge partnerships early in a project’s planning and design phase and maintain strong channels for coordination throughout the lifecycle of project delivery.

Please refer to the newly published Utility Relocation Guideline as the new standard in Ontario for enhancing the coordination of utility relocations to support the improved management of project schedule and costs.