Union Station

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Union Station

A better experience at the centre of our network

A new Union Station is coming. A station that is more accessible and easier to navigate with wider platforms and less crowding. Union Station is the gateway to the region and is undergoing modernization while preserving heritage features to meet transit needs now, and in the future. All this to expand capacity and run more trains through the largest transit hub in the GO rail system and bring frequent, all-day, transit on core segments of the network.

This is the Union Station of tomorrow. The heart of the GO network, connecting Toronto to every part of the Greater Golden Horseshoe. And it’s happening right now.

Project overview

Union Station and the adjacent rail corridor are known collectively as the Union Station rail corridor (USRC). The USRC is 6.4 km long and consists of a complex network of tracks, passenger platforms and four control towers at Cherry Street, Scott Street, John Street and Bathurst Street. It has 14 station tracks with platform access, and more than 180 signals, 250 switch machines, 40 km of circuited track and all associated infrastructure.

There are multiple projects underway at Union Station - all working toward the same goal - preparing the Union Station Rail Corridor for GO Expansion service levels.

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There’s so much to love about this multi-pronged project. We‘re connecting new concourses to new access points across GO Train platforms. It’s all building a better transit experience, as we work to build a regional transit network that empowers GTHA residents to live, work, and play anywhere.

More capacity
More connections
More service

In the news

Improvements continue at Toronto’s iconic transit hub as part of the Union Station Enhancement Project

July 6, 2022

Work on the Union Station Enhancement Project (USEP) is in full swing. Metrolinx News dives into what’s on the horizon for this transformative project, which will help prepare Union Station for increased GO service levels planned as part of the GO Expansion program. [Read More]

Toronto’s Union Station Enhancement Project kicks off

February 16, 2022

Shovels are scheduled to break ground on the next phase of renovation at Toronto’s historic station. The completion of platform work signals the start of the Union Station Enhancement Project. [Read More]

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