Expansion de GO

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One region, connected

Metrolinx is improving service as part of the GO Expansion Program by increasing train frequency and availability. The long-term goal and vision of the GO Expansion Program is to provide 15-minute two-way all-day service on core segments of the rail network.

GO Expansion consists of many different projects. The largest piece represents all the work that is required to enable service levels identified in the GO Expansion Full Business Case, including new trains, signals, systems, track, as well as the maintenance and operation of the system for years to come. The GO Expansion program consists of six elements, the following five GO Expansion elements, are undertaking a Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP) or TPAP addendum regulated by the Province of Ontario. These five projects include: three (3) TPAPs – New Track and Facilities TPAP, Scarborough Junction Grade Separation TPAP, Stouffville Rail Corridor Grade Separations TPAP, and two (2) addenda - the Network-Wide Structures Project (an Addendum to the Barrie Rail Corridor Expansion TPAP 2017), and an Addendum to the GO Rail Network Electrification TPAP 2017. The sixth project the Union Station Trainshed Heritage Conservation being addressed in a Minister’s Consent Application and a Strategic Conservation Plan.

Proposed new infrastructure, as part of GO Expansion, includes new track and facilities (such as layover facilities, storage yards, etc.) throughout the network and a number of grade separations (places where the rail network is separated from the road network or other rail lines). These new elements represent work that is required to enable two-way all-day GO service.