Prolongement de la ligne de métro vers Scarborough

Extending Line 2 subway service 7.8 km farther into the heart of Scarborough.
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Our current plans at the Sheppard/McCowan terminus station will protect for future expansion considerations, including the proposed Sheppard subway.

Line 3 (Scarborough RT)

We are committed to advancing discussions with the City of Toronto and the TTC to better understand what options and alternatives they may need to put in place to keep people moving, quickly and easily. We know how important it is to ensure the people of Scarborough have access to rapid transit. Getting the Scarborough Subway Extension built as quickly as possible remains a top priority for Metrolinx and transit riders in Toronto.


Construction for the tunnelling contract started in June 2021.


To keep the project moving forward as quickly as possible, tunnelling will begin first. On May 25, 2021 Metrolinx and Infrastructure Ontario awarded the advance tunnel contract to Strabag to design, build and finance the tunnel for the Scarborough Subway Extension.

Metrolinx and IO released the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for the Stations, Rail and Systems contract on September 17, 2021; the Request for Proposals (RFP) was issued to three shortlisted teams on February 8, 2022. Bids were received by Metrolinx and Infrastructure Ontario (IO) on July 28 for evaluation. The contract is expected to be awarded in fall 2022.


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