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Policy: Use of Metrolinx facilities for electoral purposes (SEPTEMBER 11 – OCTOBER 21, 2019)

Candidates or their representatives utilize Metrolinx’s facilities during an election campaign.


The most-commonly requested property use is for candidates and/or their representatives to meet and greet Metrolinx’s (ie. GO Transit and/or UP Express) customers on our property. Subject to the limitations discussed in this section, campaigns may conduct basic meet and greet events provided that they have informed Metrolinx of such event 72 hours in advance. More complex event requests, including any events with a reasonable expectation of media presence, are subject to separate approval procedures discussed in the following section.

Metrolinx will be applying the following restrictions to ensure the safety and convenience of our customers, avoid conflicts and place reasonable parameters around access:

Avoid customer congestion or delays

Metrolinx customers tend to arrive at stations a short time before scheduled train or bus departures. Care needs to be taken to avoid causing congestion or delays for customers boarding their desired trains/buses and impeding Metrolinx’s operations in any respect. In the event on-site Metrolinx personnel identify the canvass as being set up or conducted in such a way as to cause such impacts, the campaign must immediately take corrective action.

No canvassing on platforms, stairways or restricted areas

Candidates and their representatives are welcome to greet customers in publicly-accessible spaces such as waiting areas inside station buildings or walkways leading from parking lots. However, in the interests of ensuring safety and reducing congestion, candidates and their representatives must remain from train platforms, stairways, or any areas restricted from public access. Please note that UP Express platforms at Union and Pearson stations with platform edge doors are exempt from this restriction.

Limits on number of campaign personnel present on site

Limits on the numbers of campaign personnel per campaign that may be on-site have been set for each station and is listed below. In the event the candidate is present for the meet or greet, he or she will also be counted as campaign personnel.

Station Maximum Campaign Personnel Per Candidate
Lakeshore East
Danforth 8
Scarborough 8
Eglinton 8
Guildwood 8
Rouge Hill 8
Pickering 8
Ajax 8
Whitby 8
Oshawa 8
Lakeshore West
Exhibition 8
Mimico 8
Long Branch 8
Port Credit 8
Clarkson 8
Oakville 8
Bronte 8
Appleby 8
Burlington 8
Aldershot 8
Hamilton 8
West Harbour 8
Union Station
GO concourses 4
UP Express terminal at Union Station 4
All other GO or UP stations, including bus terminals 4

Giveaway distribution

Items such as flyers or other giveaways may only be hand-distributed by canvassers directly to consenting members of the public. Mass dropping of these items (i.e. placing leaflets on car windshields, on station seats, etc.) is not permitted. Metrolinx will not be approving or reviewing the content of flyers and like materials. We require that candidates and/or their representatives take all materials with them at the end of a meet and greet session.

Tables, banners, signage or other props

As discussed further in the section below, the installation of permanent campaign signage on Metrolinx property is strictly prohibited. Campaigns may display temporary banners or signs in the immediate vicinity of their meet and greet activities provided they are attended at all times. Tables may be set up if it is possible to do so without negatively affecting customer flow, creating a safety risk or damaging property. All items must be promptly removed at the completion of the meet and greet.

Other campaigns

Occasionally, multiple campaigns may appear simultaneously at the same station. Metrolinx expects all candidates and/or their representatives to interact in a respectful manner on our property. Metrolinx will not grant exclusive permission for one campaign to canvass at a reserved time and location, nor will we share information from one campaign to another about anticipated schedules.

Non-involvement of Metrolinx

Metrolinx staff and/or contractors should not be requested to participate or assist campaigns in any respect.


In addition to basic meet and greet requests, from time-to-time, Metrolinx has been asked to accommodate other campaign events at one of our properties, including stations, operational facilities, construction sites and other venues.This category includes customer meet and greet events that introduce additional complexities such as an invited media presence. Permission must be sought in advance for events of this nature. In reviewing requests, Metrolinx will consider the following:

  • Safety is our first priority; venues will only be considered where the safety of the public, employees and event participants can be ensured
  • Events cannot impact the operational activities of Metrolinx or any of the other transportation authorities using our facilities
  • Costs will be borne by event organizers
  • Metrolinx staff (i.e. GO Transit, PRESTO and UP Express) cannot participate in any event, except to ensure safety and security


Metrolinx does not permit communications materials (i.e. signs, brochures, posters, displays, etc.) to be affixed to, placed on, or remain on any part of Metrolinx property. Please note that Metrolinx property is NOT subject to municipal sign bylaws and municipal regulations that conditionally permit the placement of signs on public property do NOT apply on Metrolinx property.

Any such, materials found on Metrolinx property in contravention of this policy shall be removed by Metrolinx and the costs of removal billed to the individual or group to which such material applies (i.e. the political party or candidate identified in the materials). Contravention of this policy may also affect future usage of Metrolinx property.

Metrolinx owns an extensive network of railway corridor property and related infrastructure such as overhead bridges. Trespassing on these lands to install campaign materials is both illegal and highly dangerous. Any persons found trespassing on railway corridor property are subject to arrest by Transit Safety.


For any questions you may have about access to Metrolinx property, please contact Theresa Tran at theresa.tran@metrolinx.com. Thank you in advance for applying these approaches during the campaign.