Expected Completion: 2025

Year after year, train by train, bus by bus, Metrolinx has steadily increased GO Transit service. And now, that work is taking on a whole new energy. We’re building transit service that will change life in this region through the GO Expansion program. More than a rush hour commuter service, GO will offer more service with faster electric trains, more stations and seamless connections to a regional rapid transit network.

GO Expansion will make the network better, faster and the region easier to travel in.

52 New Train Sets - faster service.  New GO Tracks: 150 km.  22 New Stations, 32 upgraded.  Bridge Upgrades: 45+.  15 Minute Service or better.  6000 Trips / Day; 300% increase.  10 rail/road grade separations - 1 rail/rail grade separation.  263 km of electrified service or signal enhancements.

We’re experiencing incredible growth, with an estimated nine million people calling our region home by 2041. Growth means opportunities – for careers, for families, for entertainment and everyday life. It must be matched by a transit system that keeps pace with changing realities. Today, we run 1,500 weekly trips on the GO Transit system. Each year we’re adding more, and when we’re done building, we’ll be running over 6,000 weekly trips.

The Greater Golden Horseshoe needs more rapid transit options than ever before. GO expansion will take you more places than ever before, will get you there faster, and will give you more options to connect seamlessly to the network of subways, light rail transit and buses throughout the region.

How do we take a rush hour commuter service to the next level? It’s about more than just the number of trips. Electrification of the Barrie, Lakeshore, Stouffville and Kitchener lines will allow faster electric trains to transport you and will offer all-day trips, going two ways, as quickly as every 15 minutes. Milton and Richmond Hill lines will also offer you up to 30% more service.

Everyone in the Greater Golden Horseshoe, from east to west, north to south, will benefit from this expansion of GO service.

All-day, two-way


15 minute



electric trains

GO Expansion Moving Forward

The next big move toward GO Transit expansion is now taking place and the transformation is beginning. We’re getting ready to select proponents to build required infrastructure including:

  • The electrification system, electric trains, train system operator, maintenance and civil works
  • New GO stations across the network, and renovations to existing stations

Tendered contracts for more than 7 grade separations, more than 30 station renovations, dozens of bridge and tunnel modifications, plus new train layover facilities have also been issued to date.

To get more details, read this Fact Sheet.

Hydrail Projects

Metrolinx recently released the Hydrail Feasibility Study Report. The study investigated the technical and economic feasibility of the Hydrail System using hydrogen fuel cells to electrify the GO rail service. While the hydrail projects progress and we continue to investigate which technology will be the right solution for the GO rail network, we are still very much focused on delivering faster and cleaner electrified services in 2025.