Growing GO service for a growing region.

Halton puts the golden in Greater Golden Horseshoe. The area is a compass of natural beauty – to the south, 25 kilometres of stunning Lake Ontario waterfront, and to the north, the majesty and grandeur of the Niagara Escarpment. Whether you’re a young family or a busy executive, there are few better places to live. In fact, Burlington and Oakville have been ranked as some of the best places to live in Canada. Halton’s status as a great place to live will depend on transit in the coming years.

GO Expansion on the Lakeshore West and Kitchener Line means trains running all day in both directions, available to you when you need them. Plus more connections and upgraded stations, for travelers on the Milton line.

There’s a lot for Haltonians to love! Take a look at what we are doing to get you there - better, faster, easier!

We have been working hard to provide incremental service improvements to as many communities across Halton as possible and the region is getting more GO Train service today than ever before.

The most recent service increase provided 84 more GO train trips and 65 extended trips each week on the Lakeshore East, Lakeshore West and Kitchener lines. You can visit for more details.

Safety is central to everything we do at Metrolinx. As we increase service and ridership year over year, we continuously introduce safety improvements as we build more rail infrastructure through the region. Anytime is train time: Everyone home safe. Every day.

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Frequent and reliable train service is inherently tied to modern infrastructure and smart service planning.

GO Expansion is the biggest transit project in North America. It will unlock the potential of the GO Transit system to better connect, people, communities and businesses for a more prosperous region. With the recent release of the Request for Proposals the program is closer to becoming reality than ever before.

Even as the GO Expansion program advances through the tender process, we are working on delivering the supporting infrastructure that will help bring more capacity to our network while prioritizing customer improvements that are needed right away.

Some of the major projects include:

  • The new 401/409 rail tunnel: this complex work that takes place underneath 21 lanes of live traffic will allow us to increase service to communities along the Kitchener GO Line.
  • Burloak Drive and Kerr Street Underpasses: we are partnering with local municipalities to build underpasses where busy streets meet the Lakeshore West Line; this will eliminate the existing at-grade crossings and vastly improve traffic flow in the area.
  • Milton Station customer upgrades: we are planning to improve pedestrian and bike access to Milton station, and provide more parking for our customers.
  • In November 2018, we took over ownership of the section of the Kitchener corridor that extends from Georgetown through to Kitchener. Since then crews have been busy improving level crossings, installing new switches, and replacing rails, ties and ballast to make the commute faster and more comfortable.

The Halton Community Relations team engages the communities we serve in the Region and provides local context for the GO Expansion program.

Reach out to us with any questions, to sign up to our distribution lists regarding specific projects in Halton, or if you would like us to attend a community event or town hall and speak to your community about how our work benefits them.

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