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Metrolinx Overview



Metrolinx is undertaking the largest transportation investment in Ontario’s history to get you where you need to go better, faster, easier, while also operating GO Transit, UP Express and PRESTO. We have a unique opportunity to plan, build, operate and connect transportation in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

When the Province of Ontario created Metrolinx as a new regional transportation agency in 2006, the challenges of under-investments in transit were mounting. Metrolinx was tasked to work with federal, provincial and municipal partners, the private sector and other stakeholders to create an integrated transportation system that would support a higher quality of life, a more prosperous economy and a healthier environment.

Over the last decade, Metrolinx has delivered on our mandate to expand transit throughout the region. Since the release of the region’s first-ever transportation plan in 2008 (The Big Move), Metrolinx set out a common vision for the region and a guide of how to transform transportation here. Working toward that vision, we’ve increased the number of weekly train trips offered by GO Transit by 500%, added eight new stations to our network, extended our network by 70 kilometres, and added more than 13 million passenger trips a year. We also renovated 29 stations and added almost 22,000 parking spaces to our system. Adoption of our PRESTO card has tripled in the last five years, while UP Express now provides 4.1 million passenger trips per year and on-time performance to the airport runs at better than 98%.

And our growth continues. Today, the expansion of transit in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area is one of the largest concentrations of infrastructure projects in North America. By 2041, more than 10 million people will live in our region—comparable to Paris or London. Metrolinx continues working towards delivering an integrated, regional transportation system with a mix of buses, streetcars, light rail, heavy rail and subways that will serve the needs of residents and businesses for years to come. With the release of the 2041 Regional Transportation Plan, we are mapping out our future vision of how we plan to connect communities and cities.

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Our Vision

Getting you there better, faster, easier.

Our Mission

We connect our communities

Our Values

Serve with Passion
Think Forward
Play as a Team

Evolution of Metrolinx

2006 – Province of Ontario creates the Greater Toronto Transportation Authority (today known as Metrolinx) to deliver long-term sustainable transportation and better transit for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

2008 – Metrolinx releases The Big Move, Regional Transportation Plan for a seamless, integrated transportation network throughout the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, Canada’s largest urban area and one of North America's most rapidly growing regions.

2009 - Metrolinx merges with GO Transit, Ontario’s regional public transit service. This combines Metrolinx’s expertise in strategy and planning with GO’s implementation and operations experience in delivering superior customer service.

2010 – Metrolinx assumes responsibility for building North America’s first dedicated express rail train, now known as the Union Pearson Express (UP Express).

2010 – The GO Passenger Charter officially launches—a set of five promises to improve the customer experience. The Charter demonstrates Metrolinx’s commitment to making customer service a top priority in every aspect of our business as we guide transit expansion.

2011PRESTO becomes part of Metrolinx, with a mandate to deliver an integrated transit fare system across the region.

2013 – Tunneling begins for the Eglinton Crosstown LRT, the first new major transit line to be built in Toronto in decades.

2014 – Metrolinx launches its GO Expansion program. By 2025, there will be electric trains every 15 minutes or better, all day and in both directions, within the most heavily travelled sections of the network; four times the number of trips outside of weekday rush-hour periods, including evenings and weekends; and twice the number of trips during weekday rush-hour periods.

2015 – Working with municipal partners across the region, Metrolinx begins its 10-year review and update of the 2008 Regional Transportation Plan, representing a shared vision of the future of the region’s transportation.

2015 – The new York Concourse opens at Union Station and renovations begin on the Bay Concourse. When renovations are complete, GO Transit’s concourse area at Union Station will be more than triple its original size.

2015UP Express launches on time and on budget.

2016 – Construction begins on the new Keelesdale Station, the first Eglinton Crosstown LRT station.

2016 – Tunneling for the Eglinton Crosstown LRT is completed.

2016 – PRESTO is available in all TTC subways and surface vehicles, bringing a single, seamless fare payment system to the entire GTHA and Ottawa.

2018 – The Draft Final 2041 Regional Transportation Plan is ready and encompasses thousands of comments and feedback from the general public, stakeholders, municipal councils, municipal staff and provincial ministries as a call to move forward together to increase our capacity to move people around the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

GO Transit

In operation since 1967, GO Transit is the regional public transit service for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. GO has evolved from a single train line along Lake Ontario’s shoreline into an extensive network of train lines and bus routes that now has an annual ridership of more than 72 million customer journeys a year. Its green and white trains and buses serve a population of more than seven million across more than 11,000 square kilometres, stretching from Hamilton and Kitchener-Waterloo in the west to Newcastle and Peterborough in the east, and from Orangeville, Barrie and Beaverton in the north to Niagara Falls in the south.

Learn more about GO Transit or visit gotransit.com.

Union Pearson Express

UP Express launched on June 6, 2015, on time and on budget. Connecting two major transportation hubs, UP Express provides reliable, predictable service between Union Station and Toronto Pearson in just 25 minutes, with trains departing every 15 minutes from early in the morning until late at night. As a key part of Metrolinx’s regional transportation plan for the GTHA, the line is a concrete demonstration of the progress we are making to relieve gridlock and get the region moving.

Learn more about Union Pearson Express or visit upexpress.com.


PRESTO is the electronic fare payment system that seamlessly connects 11 transit agencies across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area and Ottawa. PRESTO was first conceived through a Request for Proposal issued by MTO in 2006. The PRESTO rollout began in 2009 with the installation of payment devices at select GO Transit stations and on select municipal transit buses. In July 2011, PRESTO became an operating division of Metrolinx.

PRESTO makes it faster and more convenient to take transit. With a PRESTO card, customers can access vehicles and stations with a simple tap and avoid lineups by adding funds or passes online. Customers who sign up for a My PRESTO account can set their accounts to top up funds when they get too low, or renew passes before they expire. They can also protect their balances if their cards are lost, stolen or need to be replaced.

Learn more about PRESTO.