In 25 years, the GTHA will have an integrated transportation system that enhances our quality of life, our environment and our prosperity:

  • A high quality of life. Our communities will support healthy and active lifestyles, with many options for getting around quickly, reliably, conveniently, comfortably and safely.
  • A thriving, sustainable and protected environment. Our transportation system will have a low carbon footprint, conserve resources, and contribute to a legacy of a healthy and clean environment for future generations.
  • A strong, prosperous and competitive economy. Our region will be competitive with the world’s strongest regions. Businesses will be supported by a transportation system that moves goods and delivers services quickly and efficiently.

Transportation providers will treat the needs of travellers as their number one job. Priority will be given to moving people and goods, not just vehicles. Connections between different modes of transportation, and across jurisdictions, will be seamless.

The transportation system will support our diversity and will accommodate everyone, regardless of age, means or ability. Services will be delivered fairly and equitably.

Public transit will compete effectively with the automobile with service that is fast, convenient, integrated, comfortable, safe, reliable and valued by its users. Walking and cycling will be attractive choices for travel. Roads and highways will be maintained and used efficiently as a key component of the transportation system.

The transportation system will contribute to the creation of attractive, liveable neighbourhoods and complete communities. It will help protect open space and agricultural lands from development while supporting a robust regional economy and the efficient movement of goods and services.


The distance that people drive every day will drop by ONE-THIRD compared to today. We will accommodate 50% MORE PEOPLE in the region with LESS CONGESTION than we have today. On average, ONE-THIRD of trips to work will be taken by transit and ONE in FIVE will be taken by walking or cycling. 60% of children will walk or cycle to school. There will be SIX times more bike lanes and trails than today. ALL transit vehicles will be accessible. Customer satisfaction with the transportation system will exceed 90%. A single fare card will be used for ALL transit trips throughout the GTHA, and ALL fares will be integrated. By transforming the GTHA’s transportation system, we will help meet the province’s Go Green Action Plan for Climate Change. Per person, our emissions from passenger transportation will be HALF what they are today.

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