The RTP contains 10 Strategies that are needed to achieve the vision, goals and objectives of the RTP. Each Strategy includes the following:

  • Priority Actions – These are specific and concrete actions that comprise a “to-do” list that is needed to implement the Strategy. These actions are broad in scope and include actions relating to legislation, policies, programs, planning and funding.
  • Supporting Policies – These are policies that are needed to guide day-to-day decision making in support of each Strategy.



Strategy #1 Build a Comprehensive Regional Rapid Transit Network

Strategy #2 Enhance and Expand Active Transportation

Strategy #3 Improve the Efficiency of the Road and Highway Network

Strategy #4 Create an Ambitious Transportation Demand Management Program

Strategy #5 Create a Customer-First Transportation System

Strategy #6 Implement an Integrated Transit Fare System

Strategy #7 Build Communities that are Pedestrian, Cycling and Transit-Supportive

Strategy #8 Plan For Universal Access

Strategy #9 Improve Goods Movement Within the GTHA and With Adjacent Regions

Strategy #10 Commit to Continuous Improvement

All of these Actions and Policies are important and will contribute to the transformation of the GTHA transportation system. However, nine of the Priority Actions are highlighted as Big Moves. The Big Moves are those that will have the largest and most transformational impacts on the GTHA’s transportation system.

The Nine Big Moves are the Priority Actions that will have the largest and most transformational impact on the GTHA’s transportation system.



1. A fast, frequent and expanded regional rapid transit network.
See Priority Action #1.1

2. High-order transit connectivity to the Pearson Airport district from all directions.
See Priority Action #1.2

3. An expanded Union Station - the heart of the GTHA’s transportation system.
See Priority Actions #1.3 and #1.4

4. Complete walking and cycling networks with bikesharing programs.
See Priority Actions #2.1 and #2.2

5. An information system for travellers, where and when they need it.
See Priority Action #5.1

6. A region-wide integrated transit fare system.
See Priority Action #6.1

7. A system of connected mobility hubs.
See Priority Action #7.1

8. A comprehensive strategy for goods movement.
See Priority Action #9.1

9. An Investment Strategy to provide immediate, stable and predictable funding.
See Section #6.0

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