Implementation of the RTP will be guided by the following principles:

  • Be Bold: The scope and breadth of the RTP are transformational. Bold steps will be necessary to implement it.
  • Move Quickly: We have already lost several decades. The transportation system is at an impasse. It is time for action. The GTHA needs “shovels in the ground” as soon as possible.
  • Get Going on the Big Moves: The RTP contains numerous Strategies. All are important, but the most important are the nine Big Moves listed in Table 3. Getting these right will be critical to the achievement of the overall plan.
  • Don’t Ignore the “Little Things”: In transportation planning, there is often a tendency to focus on mega-projects and “big ticket” items, but the power and impact of the “little things” must not be under-estimated. Whether it is the design of one local street, or the actions of one employer, the true success of the RTP will be in the collective achievement of hundreds of actions, large and small.
  • Invest Where it Matters Most: All Metrolinx investments will be aligned with the RTP. Projects should be subject to a fair, clear and rigorous Benefits Case Analysis process where financial, economic, environmental and social needs and impacts are taken into account to ensure that the most optimal investment decisions are made.
  • Partnership and Collaboration: No single organization can implement the RTP on its own, and the plan cannot be legislated or regulated into reality. Successful implementation will depend on partnership and collaboration across governments and across sectors.
  • Lead by Example: While directing the actions of others is an important element of implementation, it will be equally important to lead by example. Every day, governments, agencies, employers, and individual citizens make decisions that affect how the transportation system performs, and how it affects our environment, economy and quality of life. Each of us must lead by example with the decisions we make.
  • Management and Project Implementation Discipline: People are tired of construction projects that take longer than they should and cost more than promised. Metrolinx will introduce sound, recognized disciplines in project delivery and management by adopting domestic and international best practices. The project delivery process will ensure that risks are managed, projects are delivered on time and on budget, and there are no ‘surprises’. Metrolinx will set ambitious objectives and performance expectations – while leaving it to the creativity, expertise and technical skills of local authorities and professionals to meet those standards.
  • Remain Adaptable to Opportunity: While every effort has been made to anticipate the needs of the future in developing the RTP, it is important to remain adaptable to changing conditions and circumstances. The plan must be viewed as a living document, and the approach to implementation must allow it to change course should the need arise.
  • Be Accountable: Metrolinx is a regional authority and will be directly accountable to all people in the GTHA. A system that works is one in which clear targets for construction and implementation are set, performance is managed, and people can trust that their interests are being served. Toward that end, Metrolinx will provide regular reporting on progress towards the achievement of the RTP.

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