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Progress in Hamilton

Metrolinx is investing in Hamilton to improve access to transit and help create an integrated transportation system for all in the GTHA.

Expansion of GO Services

New James North GO Station

We are currently working on the James North station and plan to have it open in time for the Pan Am/Parapan Games in 2015. Negotiations are underway with the railway companies to secure access to the rail tracks to finalize the number and timing of trains. During the Pan Am Games, we will provide special event train service for the significant events at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

Union Station Revitalization

Canada’s busiest transportation hub will gain vastly expanded concourses, new PATH connections, and a second subway platform to provide better passenger circulation and room for further ridership growth, in addition to a new glass train shed. In parallel to the work Metrolinx is doing, the City of Toronto is undertaking a major revitalization project to the portions of Union Station owned by them. The Union Station upgrades will be completed in 2016. Learn more at gotransit.com/unionstation.

More infrastructure to support future growth

Metrolinx has already started with several projects under construction:

  • A-Line and B-Line Passenger Amenity Improvements
    Improved stations such as those seen on VIVA and Zum would be built along the Hamilton A-Line and B-Line, including passenger information, shelters, and benches. The new amenities are expected by the end of the year.
  • Bike Share System
    This approved project would bring a bike share system to Hamilton to help with the first/last mile associated with transit on the A-Line and B-Line corridors.
  • King Street Transit-Only Lane Pilot Project
    Council recently approved a pilot project that will make the north lane of King Street East between Mary and Dundurn streets transit-only. It is expected to be implemented in September. This would not affect the A-line.
  • MacNab Terminal Passenger Information
    New passenger information screens at the downtown MacNab terminal. This terminal is used by A-Line vehicles.
  • Mohawk College Transit Terminal
    This is a new transit terminal at the corner of West 5th and Fennell Avenue on the mountain, serving Mohawk College in the vicinity of the A-Line corridor.
  • Park and Ride Facility at the Mountain Transit Centre
    This will be Hamilton’s first park-and-ride facility, located on Upper James Street, south of Twenty Road at the Mountain Transit Centre. It is directly on the A-Line corridor.