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The Alstom Citidis Spirit Light Rail Vehicle

Alstom Citidis Spirit Light Rail Vehicle

Alstom is the largest supplier of light rail vehicles in service in the world. The Spirit’s 100% low floor design and modularity offers easy accessibility from the street or the curb and an interior layout that provides a safer and more enjoyable experience.

Quick Facts:

The vehicle will operate in a dedicated right-of-way, meaning they will not run in regular traffic. This means transit riders get to where they need to be, quicker.

  • The Citadis Spirit has a seated passenger capacity of 120 and maximum passenger capacity of 292.
  • Fully accessible, easy entry and room for wheelchairs, strollers and/or bikes.
  • Over 2,300 Citadis vehicles sold to 55 cities around the world, the Alstom LRV can handle the toughest winter and hottest summer.
  • Alstom will build vehicles for the Finch West LRT and Hurontario LRT projects.
  • Aside from peak periods, bicycles will be allowed on the light rail vehicles.
  • As part of the Hurontario LRT project, raised, separated bicycle paths will be built on both sides of Hurontario Street from Steeles to the Queensway. With less land available south of the Queensway, a multi-use trail will be built on the east side of Hurontario to the Port Credit GO station.