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Third Party Projects Review

Building near a Metrolinx transit corridor

If you are a property owner who plans to build on or develop lands that are near one of Metrolinx’s existing or planned transit corridors, you may need to get approvals or a Corridor Development Permit from Metrolinx to do so. These corridors include:

GO Transit / UP Express rail

Light Rail Transit (LRT)

Priority Transit Projects (PTP) / Subways

Metrolinx will help you ensure that your plans follow all necessary guidelines, requirements and standards, and that you have all the necessary permits in place to safely proceed with construction in a way that does not interfere with nearby transit plans.

The benefits to you

Submitting your plans to Metrolinx for approval helps avoid conflicts with nearby transit projects, ensuring work is done safely and reducing the likelihood that you might have to stop or redo your work in the future.

Metrolinx is committed to working with you to ensure all necessary safeguards are in place before any work is started so that you can have greater certainty and predictability over your plans.

Submit an application for review

If you are planning a project for a property that is near a Metrolinx transit corridor, please complete the following activities.

See if your property is located within a Metrolinx corridor/review zone.

Third Party Coordination & Permitting App

Contact Metrolinx to discuss your plans

If your project is located within a Metrolinx corridor/review zone, it will need to be reviewed by Metrolinx and may require a permit.

To start a review, please contact Please include property information as well as a description of your work or site plan, or any architectural drawings (if available) in your initial email. A representative will be in touch to guide you through the Metrolinx review process.

Please feel free to ask any other questions about your project plans via this email address.

In the event of an emergency involving third-party works on or near a Metrolinx corridor, please contact: 24/7 Mainline Network Operation Control 416.681.5300

Review key information

Before you meet with Metrolinx staff, you can learn more about the review processes that may be needed for your project depending on the nature of your work.

Adjacent Development Review

Needed for development project proposals ranging from single family homes to mixed-use high-rise buildings next to GO Transit/UP Express, LRT and subway corridors. Learn more…

GO Corridor Infrastructure Coordination

Needed for construction activities ranging from passive investigative surveys to utility relocations to major road/rail grade separation projects within GO Transit corridors to ensure safety and minimize impacts to infrastructure. Learn more…

Municipal Consent Utility and Roadway Coordination

Needed to review utility projects and other works within the municipal road rights-of-way that comprise LRT and subway corridors to confirm an absence of conflict. Learn more…

Transit Corridor Lands Coordination

Needed for projects that are located in, or within 30 metres of, Transit Corridor Lands that have been designated for the Priority Transit Projects – the Eglinton Crosstown West Extension, the Ontario Line, the Scarborough Subway Extension, the Yonge North Subway Extension, and the Hamilton Light Rail Transit. Learn more…