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Municipal Consent Utility and Roadway Coordination

Doing construction work near a Light Rail Transit corridor

If you are a utility company, municipality, contractor, developer, private property owner or any other entity, and are planning to undertake any work involving, but not limited to, excavating, performing maintenance, making additions/upgrades/alterations to existing plant, installing new plant, directional boring and/or drilling, road reconstruction or resurfacing, within the municipal road rights-of-way that comprise Metrolinx LRT or priority transit project (subway) corridors, you will require specific approvals and permits from Metrolinx before construction can begin.

Consistent with the established Municipal consent requirements process, Metrolinx must review all third-party submissions within the established review zones for the purposes of confirming an “Absence of Conflict” with any Metrolinx existing and planned infrastructure as well as ongoing Metrolinx project works.

To get started, we encourage you to confirm by contacting Search for your property here to confirm the applicable Metrolinx review zone. Referencing the results of this preliminary assessment, the required Metrolinx submission processes to be followed are set out below:

For any proposed work within the Metrolinx LRT review zone, applicants shall submit their requests for review as per below:

For any proposed work within 10 metres of the Metrolinx priority transit project corridor control lands, applicants must obtain a Metrolinx corridor development permit by submitting a corridor development permit application to The Metrolinx corridor development permit is required in addition to any applicable permits required from Metrolinx or from municipalities as part of their municipal permitting process. A brief overview of the corridor development permit process can be found here. For detailed information regarding work in priority transit project corridors, please reference the Utility and Roadway Work guidelines.

For more information related to these requirements please contact