GO Train

GO Corridor Infrastructure Coordination

Doing construction work near a Metrolinx – GO Rail track/corridor

If you are planning to undertake construction work such as passive investigative surveys, utility relocations or major road/rail grade separation projects within or near a Metrolinx-owned GO Transit rail corridor, there are policies and procedures you must follow to maintain safe conditions at all times.

You need to contact Metrolinx to obtain a permit if your proposed work is within a Metrolinx corridor/review zone and any of the following points apply:

  • The work is above or below any Metrolinx-owned GO Transit rail corridor.
  • The work is within 30 feet (9.2 metres) of any Metrolinx-owned GO tracks.
  • The work is outside of but next to the 30-foot (9.2-metre) limit of any Metrolinx-owned GO tracks and involving an elevating device (crane, boom truck, Genie Lift, etc.).
  • The work is outside of but next to the 30-foot (9.2-metre) limit of any Metrolinx-owned GO tracks and involves excavation that may impact the railway loading zone.
  • The work involves any type of lane closure and/or temporary road condition that impacts the normal flow of traffic over a level road/rail crossing and/or the normal operation of the level crossing warning gate and signaling system.
  • The work is on Metrolinx-owned property.

If you haven’t already done so, please contact to see if your property may be located within one of these zones.

In order to obtain a Metrolinx work permit and move forward with any proposed work, the following requirements must be met:

  • The subject design plans and work plan are reviewed and accepted by Metrolinx.
  • All personnel have completed Metrolinx personal track safety training.
  • A qualified Metrolinx railway flag person is assigned to protect the work.
  • Valid railway utility locates are obtained, including Metrolinx, CN and Ontario One call.
  • Proof of suitable insurance is provided to Metrolinx.

For more information related to these requirements, and for assistance with advancing such works, please contact