GO Train

Adjacent Development Review

Developing near a Metrolinx – GO Rail track/corridor

You need to contact Metrolinx for sign off/approvals or to obtain a permit (such as single-family homes or mixed-use high-rise buildings) on lands that are located

  • next to or within 300 metres of a Metrolinx-owned GO Transit/UP Express rail corridor, or ;
  • next to or within 60 metres of a Metrolinx Light Rail Transit (LRT) corridor (e.g., Eglinton Crosstown, Finch West and Hurontario);
  • next to or within the corridor control lands of a priority transit project (e.g., Ontario Line, Scarborough Subway Extension, Eglinton Crosstown West Extension, Yonge North Subway Extension, and Hamilton Light Rail Transit).

If you haven’t already done so, please contact to see if your property may be located within one of these zones.

If it is, please review the following key documents that may be relevant for you:

These documents include key information about:

  • Metrolinx’s role in the municipal planning and development review process
  • Rail-oriented design requirements and standards (such as setbacks and safety barriers)
  • Submission requirements
  • Legal agreements
  • Fees (as applicable)

Contact Metrolinx to discuss your plans

If your project is located within a Metrolinx corridor/review zone, it will need to be reviewed by Metrolinx and may require a permit.

To start a review, please contact Please include property information as well as a description of your work or site plan, or any architectural drawings (if available) in your initial email. A representative will be in touch to guide you through the Metrolinx review process.

Please feel free to ask any other questions about your project plans via this email address.

In the event of an emergency involving third-party works on or near a Metrolinx corridor, please contact: 24/7 Mainline Network Operation Control 416.681.5300

What to expect

Metrolinx will issue comments regarding your development in response to formal submissions circulated under the Planning Act. Through this process, Metrolinx provides comments regarding:

  • Official plan amendments;
  • Zoning by-law amendments;
  • Draft and final plans of subdivisions;
  • Draft and final plans of condominiums;
  • Site plan control applications; and
  • Minor variance or consent applications.

Once all associated conditions are satisfied, our team can also assist with management of construction-related activities within or in close proximity to our rail corridors.