crews and machines working on the site.

Work on push box for Hurontario LRT continues for Port Credit

We have new images of work underway at Port Credit, as part of construction for the Hurontario LRT.

Jun 18, 2021

Port Credit is heating up – even beyond the seasonal weather.

New images show continued work around the GO station, as construction for the Hurontario light rail transit route continues. In the end, there will be a future Hurontario LRT Station stop at Port Credit GO.

Crews have been excavating a portion of the south and east parking lot for the construction of the ‘push box’, the structure that will help form a tunnel underneath the Lakeshore West Corridor railway tracks. Piles will support the ground for the construction of the station box.  Excavation work includes having to dig deep enough for both the push box and station box structures and install the retaining wall that will support it.

The hollow, concrete push box structure will utilize hydraulic jacks that will slowly be pushed into its place underneath the railway tracks. Watch for this big push to happen later this year.

Here are some of the images that tell the tale of the most recent push box progress.

crews and machines working on the site.

Excavation works are underway for the push box structure at Port Credit. Once the area has been excavated and supported, later this year, crews will build the hollow concrete structure, or a ‘push box’ and install temporary track support systems. Following that, hydraulic jacks will be used to slowly push the push box into its place. (Metrolinx photo)

a large construction site.

This is another photo of excavation at Port Credit. The blue machine is called a ‘powered elevated work platform.’ It is used for installation of the concrete form work at the top of the secant wall, or the retaining wall that will act as a support during excavation. (Metrolinx photo)

a man working against a wall.

The last photo shows a worker proof-testing, or stressing, a tieback rock anchor. Tiebacks are installed into rock or soil to transfer tensile loads into the ground. This is done to ensure the supports of the walls during the excavation process. (Metrolinx photo)

What is the Hurontario LRT again?

The18-kilometre Hurontario Light Rail Transit will feature 19 stops, travel through two urban growth centres and connect to major transit systems including GO Transit (Milton and Lakeshore West lines), the Mississauga Transitway, Brampton Transit, ZUM and MiWay. The Hurontario LRT will also have its own dedicated lane ensuring a smooth, reliable and convenient ride along the region’s busiest street.

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by Erika D’Urbano Communications senior advisor