New GO Transit signs signal progress for the station, and the community it will serve.

With new signs added, Bloomington GO Station just got brighter

New GO Transit signs signal progress for the station, and the community it will serve.

Nov 12, 2020

Turn it on.

Bloomington GO station, located at the northeast corner of Richmond Hill, recently had marquee GO signs raised and lit. The additions are always among the most emotional for crews building GO Transit train and bus stations – as well as for the community – because they literally signal a significant milestone in the completion of a major transit stop.

The Bloomington station signs were recently installed, signaling one of the last finishing touches as the station nears completion. Once it opens in early 2021, the new terminus station on the Richmond Hill line – that means a terminal at the end of a line – will have ample parking for vehicles with nearly 1,000 parking spots, as well as a passenger drop-off and pick-up area, keeping commutes as easy as possible.

the front of the station.

The new Bloomington GO station building is LEED Gold certified and features solar power, low flow plumbing and more. (Brian Main photo).

Customers will also enjoy modern waiting areas and stay warm and dry with heated shelters and a snow melt system on the platforms.

The new station building is integrated with over 750 indoor parking spots and is LEED Gold certified – a green building certification program used around the world. A solar system on the station’s roof will provide most of the station’s power needs in the summer months and offset some of the power needs during the winter.

New construction materials used to build the station, including concrete, steel, and drywall have high recycled content, with preference given to materials sourced locally. Plumbing fixtures were specified as low flow reducing water use by over 40 per cent annually.

concrete and steel used for a large parking structure.

Looking back – This is what Bloomington’s parking structure looked like in December, 2019. A lot has changed. (Metrolinx photo)

Bloomington will provide better connections for commuters. The station’s proximity to Highway 404 provides easy access for drop off and pickups. A bus loop with six bus bays will provide local transit connections, and a bike lane and bike shelters with direct access to the platform will keep commuters safe.

Overall, the all-new Bloomington station in York Region, at Highway 404 and Bloomington Road, will provide more service options on the Richmond Hill line.

So with the lights in place, the future looks bright for local commuters and travellers.

by Patricia Pytel Metrolinx Capital Communications Manager