Latest updates to Finch West LRT project

VIDEO: Watch old Highway 400 bridge get dismantled

Part of the Finch West LRT includes a recent bridge replacement over the Highway 400.

Aug 26, 2020

Out with the old, literally.

In June, Finch West Light Rail Transit project constructor, Mosaic Transit Group, removed and replaced the Highway 400 bridge.

Using the rapid bridge replacement method, the team was able to complete the work over two weekends. While the new bridge structures are busy supporting traffic, the old bridge spans sit off to the side, awaiting their fate.

The old bridge spans were demolished shortly after, leaving lots of rebar and concrete behind.

It took just under two weeks to demolish the structure. The concrete and steel materials left over after demolition on the structure are separated for recycling or reuse.

What isn’t reusable is crushed into gravel and processed as backfill or road base material. Reusing concrete material is more environmentally friendly than disposing it in landfill.

Watch as the process unfolds in the latest video:

by Erika D’Urbano Communications senior advisor