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VIDEO: Crosstown LRV runs automatically for first time

The Eglinton Crosstown LRT project continues to check off important milestones.

Apr 13, 2021

Usually, we show you images and video of all hands-on-deck when it comes to construction of Toronto’s Eglinton Crosstown’s light rail transit (LRT) project.

But arms could have easily been crossed during a recent first test of the automated system that will guide the sophisticated light rail vehicles along their paths.

The trial and testing took place on a stretch of rail at the Eglinton Maintenance and Storage Facility (EMSF), located in Mount Dennis. It was the first time one of the vehicles was guided using ‘Automatic Train Operation’.

This system will eventually track all movement of the LRT vehicles, and even operate them autonomously within the underground portions of the Line 5, which is the official transit title of the new Toronto route. 

You can learn more about the system in this infographic.

infographic showing how automatic train control technology works

There’s been other technological advances on the Crosstown line recently, including at Keelesdale, where crews achieved 100 per cent completion of testing for the station’s backbone communications network. The station now has the capability to transfer information to and from the EMSF.

photo from the train platform in Keelesdale station showing a sign with the station name

So vehicles and information are moving on Crosstown. Soon will come those many passengers.