Image is a map of Highways 7 and Highway 407.

Updated: Yonge North Subway Extension studies and station maps

The YNSE is coming into focus with updated environmental studies and new station area.

Feb 10, 2022

One of the most exciting parts of building new transit is imagining what life will be like when the new line opens for service.

Today (Feb. 10), Metrolinx announced the release of the Environmental Project Report (EPR) addendum for the Yonge North Subway Extension – an eight-kilometre, four-stop extension of Line 1 subway service from Finch Station to Richmond Hill – which brings the project a major step closer to breaking ground.

The report builds off previous environmental studies for the extension, bringing them up to date with the latest project plans, including the updated route, stations and train storage facility. It looks at the entire footprint of the project and considers how it might affect its surroundings, and how to protect and preserve the quality of life in neighbouring communities during and after construction.

“The release of the EPR addendum represents an important milestone in the project,” says Stephen Collins, Metrolinx project sponsor.

“A thorough environmental assessment plays a key part in guiding the decisions that will make the project the best fit possible for communities, while making travel in York Region and Toronto faster and more connected.”

The EPR addendum also reveals new details about the footprints of all four confirmed stations – Steeles, Clark, Bridge and High Tech – plus the two potential stations that may be added to the project, Cummer and Royal Orchard.

New maps of the station platform areas, available on Metrolinx Engage, offer a glimpse of where the stations will be situated along the extension.

Image is a map of Steeles
Clark Avenue and station.
Image is a map of Highways 7 and Highway 407.
Image is a map of High Tech Road area.

Collins says each new station is being designed with customers in mind.

“Having quick, convenient connections to other transit lines at surface level is so important to making the journey for riders the best it can be,” says Collins.

“By offering better connections we’re also building strength into the transit network, which will make it easier for riders get to destinations across the entire region.”

New environmental details

The environmental assessment is like a roadmap for any new transit project. It looks at the project from every angle and every level to guide planning and design teams as they create plans that will meet the needs of transit riders and be the best fit possible in the communities they will serve.

The report contains a wealth of important new information about the Yonge North Subway Extension on topics like air quality, noise and vibration, and the natural environment, to name a few.

The complete EPR addendum, along with an overview of its findings, is available on Metrolinx Engage.

Get involved – Deadline is March 14

The release of the EPR addendum gives communities a new opportunity to share their feedback on the project. Members of the public are invited to review the report and provide input before March 14, 2022. An updated report will be published to reflect the feedback gathered through the review period. 

Metrolinx experts will also be hosting a series of virtual open houses in February and March to share the findings of the EPR addendum and answer questions from the community about the latest project plans.  

Anyone interested in participating in a virtual open house can sign up through Metrolinx Engage:

February 17 – EPR addendum overview 

February 23 – Tunnelled route

Topics include: Noise and vibration, air quality, communities (socio-economic and land use), archaeology and heritage properties, soil and groundwater

March 2 – At-grade route

Topics include:Natural environment, cultural landscapes, traffic and transportation

March 10 – Engagement overview

Image is a map of York Region with the line depicted.

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by James Moore Metrolinx communications senior advisor