The inside of the UP terminal is shown.

UP Express adjusts schedule of weekday train service

Improvements at Weston Station will have an impact on UP schedules - see below for more info.

Mar 24, 2021

Times are changing – for UP Express.

And not just the PRESTO contactless pilot that was recently announced for the rail route between Toronto’s Union Station and Pearson International Airport.

Starting April 5, weekday UP Express schedules will be adjusted by 15 minutes to accommodate platform construction work at Weston Station.

The inside of the UP terminal is shown.

The UP Express terminal at Pearson International Airport. To help keep everyone healthy and safe, Metrolinx has identified more than 50 strategies, most of which are permanent actions that customers will see when they return to the service. (Matt Llewellyn photo)

While few customers are using the system right now, thanks to COVID restrictions, many riders are slowly making plans to return.

On weekdays, the first morning trip from Union will remain the same and continue to depart at 4:55 a.m. The first trip from Pearson will now depart 15 minutes later at 5:42 a.m. and all stops will also be 15 minutes later. The last evening trip will depart Union 15 minutes later at 10:15 p.m. The last evening trip will depart Pearson 15 minutes later at 10:42 p.m. All other trips throughout the day will depart 15 minutes later.

It’s best to check ahead by going to the UP website to confirm travel times.

The changes will help advance work at Weston Station, including installing new tactile safety stripping to the GO Transit side of the station platform. It means train traffic at the station will be adjusted with later departures for most UP trips.

Want to know more about the work at Weston Station? Then go here.

Temporary Weekend Schedule Changes on April 17 and 18

There are also some temporary schedule changes coming down the line on an upcoming April weekend. They’re needed to allow for important infrastructure upgrades on the heavily used Union Station Rail Corridor, very near the UP Express platform.

On Sat, April 17, and Sun, April 18, prepare for slightly longer trip time, as officials must assign trains to different tracks. That means using different platforms as well.

Changes on those days will include:

All westbound trips to Pearson will arrive at Bloor, Weston, and Pearson 10 minutes later

All eastbound trips to Union Station will arrive at Union 10 minutes later

Passengers will start their trips at the UP Express concourse and UP’s Station Ambassadors will direct travellers where to board the train. 

Although customers will be arriving at Union from Pearson on a different platform than usual, there will be no need to tap off at a PRESTO device.

The construction work will support the continued expansion of GO Transit service, including preparing to create an electrified network that will provide a faster and more efficient way to travel.

For more information on these projects, just click here.

Safety Never Stops

A woman poses for the camera.

Comfort Osei-Yeboah, Guest Services Representative at UP Express. Metrolinx has distributed thousands of ‘care packages’ to staff including reusable cloth face coverings, face shields, gloves and hand sanitizer. (Matt Llewellyn photo)

And since we have you here, a reminder that as everyone looks down the line to a day when most riders will get back to using transit constantly, it’s important to always keep safety in mind.

That means always wearing face covering while on UP Express – as well as GO Transit.

Learn about the many health and safety measures we’re taking to help you travel safely on UP Express. Find out how we’re responding to COVID-19 by clicking here.


And load money onto your PRESTO card using the PRESTO Appbuy your ticket online or via the UP mobile app. When riding, simply tap your credit card or mobile wallet on a PRESTO device and you’re ready to go. Get details here.