the artwork as a pedestrian walks by

Unique glass art at Toronto’s Bay Street North pedestrian bridge

As transit advances at Union Station, Toronto is also taking progress to a world-class level.

May 5, 2021

Talk about art that moves people.

Toronto’s Highly Anticipated CIBC SQUARE is launching later this year and the innovative office development has tapped award-winning, Montreal native, Nicolas Baier to curate a large-scale contemporary art project, the Mycelium.

The artwork, which will provide a sneak peek into a development project, has just been unveiled.

the artwork as a pedestrian walks by

A look at Mycelium. (Photo by CIBC SQUARE/sierra curtis photography)

The Mycelium will be located on the Bay Street bridge connecting CIBC SQUARE to Scotiabank Arena and the Union Station Bus Terminal. CIBC SQUARE is comprised of two highly innovative office buildings.

The art piece’s central concept is a network, which embodies CIBC SQUARE and Toronto’s immense and complex networks that support transportation. The design of the Mycelium draws inspiration from what Baier calls a ‘virtual self-growing network that uses the inherent qualities of the pattern of the glass and the structure of the Bay Street Bridge to ‘grow itself’.

the pathway lit up at night,

A look at Mycelium from the outside. (Photo by CIBC SQUARE/sierra curtis photography)

It’s a moving tribute to progress all around the area. Interested in knowing more about how Union Station is growing? Just click here.

by Stacey Kenny Metrolinx corporate communications manager